Monday, November 21, 2011

thanksgiving sunday

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday.
Rather, I should say that Nick and Macy put it up.

It's way earlier than I care for.
But since Brenden loves Christmas so much and he's going
to be home tomorrow for Thanksgiving,
I thought it would be nice.
Want to be my golden child?
Move away, then come back, then go away again.

for whatever reason I thought it would be fun to put the tree in
our school room.
Regret started filling my heart early-on.
But I need to keep that to myself,
lest I will be dragging the thing, lights, ornaments, and all,
to the living room,
all by myself.

So. It stays, I reckon.

Macy is sort of like Wilson from Home Improvement...

But this photographer doesn't give up.

Nick worked extra hard.
He loves him some Christmas too.

Mother, enough.

Half-way through our decorating efforts,
we went to my parents' house for our family T-day dinner.

And since my sisters and I all moonlight as
supermodels, we figured we should take a few photos.
Of just us.
Because that's just the sort of thing we do.

Umm, I really have no words.
But suffice it to say,
don't even try to mimic the pouty face.
It takes special training.
It will be in all the fashion magazines soon.
Really, it will.

Cutest girls around.
We think so anyway.

Back to the decorating.

And Isaiah no longer will pose as a normal person.

He insists on being a dinosaur.

A scary dinosaur.

Be very, very afraid.

Come on, Lucy.
We're outta here.

Have a super duper Monday!


Tesseraemum said...

Love it!
We had our "family thanksgiving" yesterday too!! We had 30+ people in our little bitty house!! My husbands extended family. 2 of his cousins kids (get that?) came up from college in Cincy and Dayton just for dinner. I think I was most touched by that! Mark and Isaac will be tacky-ing up our house this week!! Sheri

Holly said...

Merry Christmas!!!!! : )

Holly said...

When I just left that comment and you have to type in the strange word, you know, I thought it was fitting for this post that my word was "dernosor." (Like DINOSAUR, get it?) haha

Karin said...

You are so hilarious! :) I'm cracking up! We usually have our tree up by now but I am seriously behind this year and there is nary a Christmas ornament in sight. Guess we will be doing that on Thanksgiving day.

Sally-Girl! said...

Thanks for the Monday smile! I am off to buy my gallon of Vodka! :-) Wish me luck! I think I better go outside our local community where I teach don't ya think?

Faye Verquer said...

Beautiful pictures Lori! WE don't get to see you often enough! Your kiddies are ADORABLE! I love seeing your two littles together!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

TanyaLea said...

I love that you have your tree up already and that the kids all get into it. Great photos!

The sister photos might just be my very favorites though! ;) There is nothing that quite beats those moments together and those super-model-sister poses!! The pout rocks!
...seriously, y'all are too cute!

And your little dinosaur is just a tad bit adorable! Khloe has a thing with dinosaurs faces and sounds lately, too. OH, and robots, as well ~ that one is actually quite hilarious!! Hey, you can't be a princess all the time! ;)

I haven't been by in awhile and I've missed your fun family. Trying to catch up on everyone I've lost touch with. I can't believe how much everyone's kids are growing! Oh how time flies.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you all!


Annie said...

Lori, I love the pics of you and your sisters! You all are beautiful! I can see you all are a ton of fun too!

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