Friday, November 18, 2011

regis {wah}

I am so not into being awe-filled over movie stars or "famous people"...
I couldn't care less who is on the latest People Magazine
or on Entertainment Tonight.

In fact, this morning on Facebook I saw gobs of posts about
Breaking Dawn...and I had to google it
to see what the heck everyone was talking about.

So not interesting.

But, I have adored Regis every morning since I started watching
him when Brenden was born.

And today was his last day on his show.

And I'm so sad!!

He is the ultimate story-teller and made me laugh
at his simple faux pas from the night before.
He's just funny-funny.
Such a gentleman.
And darn funny.


I'm so sad to see him go.

Wah, wah, wah.

Anyone else love Regis?


Healy Family said...


Anonymous said...

While I didn't get to watch his show (since I am working), those times that I did see him- he was always a 'class act' and a true talent. Not many like him anymore that can carry on an intelligent conversation, sing/dance and focus on what is really important in life, gave of himself to worthwhile causes, & knew the importance of an education. I don't ever recall hearing about him in any 'scandals'. We need more folks like him vs. these self-centered actors & athletes. Folks like Regis are a dying breed and there are only a small group of young stars-who are 'living' the same rules Regis followed. I hope Regis enjoys retirement but does alot of projects-so we get to see him frequently. AP

Madeleine said...

Aw. Was that today??!!

I used to watch when it was Regis & KathieLee. Or however you spell her name.

I LOVED it. Loved, loved, loved it. I loved them both. I stopped watching before the new girl came on. I understand she is delgihtful. But it happens to be on...DURING MATH CLASS. Or grammar. Or Spelling.

Woe to me, and my homeschool life. :P

What is going to happen now? Is the whole show cancelled??!!??!

Jo's Corner said...

aww, Lori. I am watching the taped show from yesterday. Kathie Lee is on. I don't know when I'll watch todays Finale, 'cuz I KNOW I'll be crying! He's like an old friend, a favorite Uncle. I really, really don't like Good Bye's! I'm feeling really sad anyways, so it's even harder to watch sad things right now. You can read my last blog post and say a few prayers, if you'd like! I know I will appreciate them. Hugs to you! ~ Jo

Chad and Kristy said...

Yes, I was watching the 20/20 special last night about today being his last show... I instantly regreted not getting the tivo when I ordered my dish network. I missed it! He is a great guy:)

Tesseraemum said...

Today was his last day?! I really do love him AND Kellie. I don't get to see them very often.

Anonymous said...

Me , I love him .. he is so real . I also have watched for years , off and on . The last few years I have missed due to homeschooling but I did DVR it today , looking forward to watching it in the morning with my coffee and a box of tissues . It will be sad I am sure . Judy

patty said...

Girl, I'm with you can guess! I actually got teary eyed this morning! LOL I think you and I could totally do the host about all our drama and make it funny! Lets forget the book tour and get a talk show!

Jean said...

I like regis too even though I really don't watch the show. I completely understand your grieving- I am still not over the loss of my soap opera... Wahhhhh

They said it was going to be an internet show- ya right! They just did that to try to let us down gently- I'm guessin it's gone for good... you know I'm never gonna stop talking about this... never!

Who's his replacement?

Martha said...

I love Regis - he will be missed.

Holly said...

Aw...that IS so sad! I rarely watch the show, but when I did, I always loved it and him. He made the show, really. : (

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