Monday, October 31, 2011

shower time with jesus

The following is a conversation I just had
with Brenden, via Facebook:


"That's pretty cool!"

"It's perfect for shower time with Jesus! :) This is
a legitimate request, btw."

"Shower time with Jesus? I've heard it all now."

"You should try it sometime.
In the mean time, get me that Bible. :)"

"Well, I'm pretty darn happy with the
sit-down-in-a-chair-and-read sort of thing."

"You can put a chair in the shower!"

"Again, I'm good with the traditional method.
But thanks for your creative suggestion.
I think."

"Suit yourself.
Now how 'bout that Bible?"

"Maybe for Christmas."

"But I need shower time with Jesus NOW!"

And on and on it went.

Heaven help me, please!


Rachel said...

actually Lori, shower time seems to be the only quiet, uninterrupted time I have during the day lately...your son may be on to something!!

quilt-n-mama said...

$26.37 on Amazon with super saver free shipping... will arrive in 2 days... do you need one:)

That is too funny... though sometimes I think the only time I have completely to myself is my 5 minute morning shower:)

Hugs to you friend,

Talley Images said...

tell him its a good way to practice Scripture memorization if he has to keep it out of the shower... :)

Jean said...

I want one too!!

Honestly- I pray the whole time in the shower!

Of course I don't have my glasses on so I guess I won't be able to read it- hmmmm....

Chris said...

My son thought they looked pretty cool too.
We even have a chair in the shower...but it's for Joseph..ya can't shower too well if you can't stand still

connie said...

If that's for real, I need one too! It's almost the only solitary time I have. Now, how 'bout that Bible?!?

Holly said...

There is no doubt whatosoever that that boy is your son. ;)

megadog said...

Hillarious. I've never seen such a think in all my days! I don't think the shower thing would work for me--too much spray. Now bath time--I could do that one.

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