Sunday, October 30, 2011

a conversation {husband and wife}

So as a stay-at-home mom,
my biggest weakness (and there are many) is to procrastinate.
There are two main areas where this is a problem.

Let's review:

1. Anything administrative (paying bills, hubby's bookkeeping, etc.)
I hate doing those things.
I hate them with all of my heart.
I would rather be milking my chickens than sitting down flipping through papers.
And don't be silly, I don't milk my chickens.
But I'd rather.

2. Cleaning bathrooms.
I think this is self-explanatory.
I hate it.
And it shows.

So anyway, BOTH of these areas NEED to be taken care of
As in, yesterday.
Actually, the day before yesterday.

So tonight I sat down and wrote out a schedule for myself
for tomorrow.
I decided to treat my day as if I worked in an office or something.

And then I said to my dear husband:

"Honey, I made a list of things I MUST do tomorrow...
please hold me to them.
Hold me accountable, okay?


"No, need to tell me I will get fired on the spot
if I don't get my list done."


"Seriously, get tough with me and tell me that I am replaceable."

"Wait...did you say I can replace you?"



"Yes. Please replace me, please."


Problem solved.

See, young girls, this is how you hold a good marriage together.
Or something like that.


Angie said...

You know he will never fire you, then he would have to do it! Besides, you're too funny. Now go milk those chickens!

Chris said...

He sounds an awful lot like my hubby...was he really listening?
Did you know that 13 y.o. (actuall 11 y.o. boys are capable of cleaning bathrooms? Tie it to a bit of a cash incentive and a time or two of instruction...
There are also bathroom duties that can be done by 16 and 6 y.o. girls.

As to paying the bills, I don't suggest you should let them anywhere near your papers.

Tesseraemum said...

Have you been to my house?!
You have obviously heard our conversations!!
I suggested a s*ster wife (one who brings in money and can cook.) Mark seems to think it may be more work than he's up to!! HAR!! Sheri

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