Tuesday, October 11, 2011

notta thing

I have been absolutely blogless lately.
Nothing to blog about.
Notta thing.
And I've barely ventured out into the blog neighborhood
to visit neighbors either.

Life is just busy.
But yet, I have nothing to say.

Rarely am I speechless.

I even scoured through recent photos to see what story
I could conjure up.
But I don't even have any new photos!

So, here is all I have for you.


Or not.


Do what you want.

K-man and Nick went to visit my Brenden
last weekend!
Boo hooo hooo that I couldn't go.
But they had a great guys' weekend.
And Nick had an appointment with the golf coach, so that was cool.

Here's a wonderful pic of them on campus.

They are the cutest things ever.
I love those boys!!

And today I had the most lovely lunch with my mom, sisters, and grandma.
There are no funner gals on this planet, let me tell you.
They are adorable in every way.
But I don't have any pics.
That is disappointing.

But I did whip out my camera in the car as we
waited for Lucy to go into school....

She's the cutest thing ever!

And Isaiah wasn't in the mood photos.

But he's pretty darn cute too.

And Lucy insisted on taking a pic of me.

Can you say, turkey neck?

Oh well.

So there you have it.

My boring life.

I'm happy to at least have a post to put out there for ya.

Now I must get these cranky kids to bed!

*OH!! Brenden is coming home on Friday for a long
weekend!! Oh my gracious, I can hardly wait!!


Karin said...

I think we are living the same life. I got nuthin' lately either. Sigh... But hey...the pic of you? Your hair was lookin' fine that day. I'm just sayin'

I'm noticing a strange repetitive pheonomon (which I can't spell) in words ending in -in' instead of -ing. Odd...

I need to get more sleep or something.

Jean said...

Love seeing your big boys together!! I am sure you Momma heart was so overjoyed to see the pic of them!!
I feel the same way about my big boys! They are treasures!!

Even though it may seem boring... sometimes boring is good! Drama is something I can do without!!


Joanne Reddell said...

Great to read your update. What a precious family you have! Loved all the pics!!

Love you, chica!

connie said...

All those peeps are pretty darn cute, includin' (that's for you, Karin) the Mama!
Even your speechless posts are great ;-)
Love you, friend!

Rachel said...

good hair day...check.
looks good w/o makeup...check.
boring life...I don't think so!!
hugs to you priend!

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh my goodness... I can't get over how clean your car is!!:) Maybe I could ship my kids to you and you can teach them a thing or two...?

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