Thursday, October 6, 2011

crunched jeeps and foreheads

Oh, my sweet friends.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I have
appreciated your precious comments and emails.
You have encouraged me more
than you'll ever know.

Tough seasons in life would be unbearable without friends and family.

But life goes on.
Boy, does it.

My dear husband wrecked his jeep the other day.
The verdict is still out on whether
it is totaled or not.
He rear-ended someone and thankfully, no one was hurt.
Except for Betty, our Jeep.
I just now named her that, by the way.
K-Man may not like it, but that's my final decision.


My little IGuy
fell off the bar stool and hit smack on the floor,
with only his forehead to break the fall.

Look at this poor pitiful child.

I told him to please smile so the nice people
wouldn't think his Mama was a total loser.
He obliged.

And just so you know that we really do have good days around here...
and that the children are relatively safe,
here is a cute shot of Lu and Isaiah on a better day.
They are becoming such good buddies.

Well, I just wanted to check in with you to give you
a list of our latest tragedies.

Now I need to move on to #4,589 of my to-do list.


Connie J said...

Oh, poor baby, Isaiah! Just for the record, I have a few littles who swell up extra big when they crash :( So glad K-Man is ok!!!!

Jean said...

Well if your anything like me you change Betty's name at least 10 more times!! And then finally decide when you have to fill out your final paperwork with a name you never intended to use...

Sorry bout the car- thank goodness no one was hurt!

And poor Isaiah- ouch! BUT glad ya got a pic of it- it's so manly!!

Hezra said...

oh Lori!! That poor child!! I cannot tell you how many of these stupid owies we get a week. It is insane. I have been helping homeschool my niece and nephew, who are the same ages as our two younger kids. I told them I am getting one of those signs for the work place "?" number of days with no accidents . but sadly I am not sure how high we could get! EVERY DAY there seems to be something!!! Btw, invest in ARNICA cream! NOW! Heals bruises super fast. Right now we are getting ready to leave to meet our new kids and MY isaiah has a bruise across the bridge of his nose. Rileys cut on the back of his head is healing, Elijahs nose is swollen from the ball incident earlier.... Noah and Moriah have bruises from their first week of bike riding with no training wheels... Nova has a giant scrape on her nose.... I have a jammed toe.... it is crazy! We all look abused!case worker appt tomorrow afternoon. lol

Chris said...

Well he looks all boy. I hope K-man is OK...Hope the jeep is too

Karin said... thankful K-man is okay. So sorry about Betty. :( And wow...that is quite a battle wound for Isaiah. We've had a few of those around here and they are just so awful. Poor little guy. I bet he had a bad headache from that one. Big hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! What a shiner! Sorry bout the jeep. We were rearended last month. All the insurance stuff is a pain! Glad no one was hurt.

Jennifer said...

Oh man! That poor little noggin looks yucky.:( I bet he's pretty tough though. :) Sorry to hear about K's jeep. Hang in there girl! Hugs!

Joanne Reddell said...

Loved the pics of L & I - you have some of the most adorable children I've ever seen!! You're a blessed mama and your family is so precious!

Love you, friend!

Chad and Kristy said...

well... I had two fender benders in less than 2 weeks. I managed to get a friend to fix the first one and saved $950 for my adoption! The second one I got $900 from the insurance and guess what.. I'm not fixing it~ I will live with a cracked back bumper and apply the $900 to the adoption fund. SO, lifes mishaps was made good and I am a little bit closer to bringing him home;)

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