Sunday, October 2, 2011

glamour with a leaf-blower

My husband cleaned out all the leaves and dirt from the
garage with his leaf-blower.


he had a "brilliant" idea.

He decided that it would also clean my wood floors quite nicely.

Yes, he did.

Dust was flying everywhere.
Well, not THAT much dust...I do clean house once in a while, you know.

But still.

Look at the little-boy grin on his face.
It's like he's struck gold.

And poor Macy.
Her daddy picks on her endlessly.
(She loves it!)
He gave her bangs a side-swoop and her papers a-flying
after he finished my floors.

This is my life.

It's every bit as glamorous as it looks.


Tesseraemum said...

Great!! Tell him he can use the blower ALL winter, no need to put it away! Dust bunnies beware! I would get a bit nervous if he tries to blow the dust off the fine china or the mini blinds....

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh you glamorous Hollywood-type, you! Can you send your husband over to my house to clean out our garage?

Hee, hee
janet and gang

Karin said...

Oh my we know where Brendan gets it! My hubby cannot see this. :)

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