Friday, September 30, 2011

ramdom things

Oh my golly, I feel like my life is a random bag of
As will be reflected in this post.

I have no deep thoughts or funny stories or anything
that will add to the richness of your life whatsoever.

Just randomness.
Because I am jumping here, there, and everywhere.

Here's what I'm talking about...

My multi-grain bread.
And so recipe for you yet.
I'm still not 100% happy with it.
Let me tweak it a bit, then I'll present it to you.

But, they sure are purty loaves, yes?

What I haven't mentioned much is that we are into
soccer season, full-force.
It's Nick's first time playing since he was about 8 years old.
But he made the varsity team and is having a blast!

Here's a cool pic that was in the newspaper of him
playing in a scrimmage game.

Here's a pic I sent Brenden.
I told him I was going to get this for him for Christmas
so he would stay warm and cozy at college.
I told him to tell me what color he wants.
He never responded.
Go figure.

Here's an adorable pic of B & Lucy that I found on my
cell phone from last summer.
I may have already posted this a while back,
but I love it so much that I had to post it again.
Lucy misses her Brenden soooo badly.
She prays for him every single day.
And often her prayer includes asking God to let him
come back home and not go back to school.
Sometimes I give that a big AMEN.
Then I envision him forever in our basement playing video games.
I then take back my amen.

And here are a few funnies that pretty much sum
up my demeanor lately.

So there you have it.
I told you it would be random.

We are kicking off our weekend by going to see the movie,
Courageous tonight!
Our church has rented out the movie theater.
It's gonna be great.
I hope you all get out to see it too.

Have a fun-filled weekend, y'all!


Karin said...

I'm thinking that whole sweater over the head idea might be more suited for you and me. Of course, I would need mine to NOT be wool because I would be hot flashing all over the place. Not good. But on those days where you want everyone to stop bugging you? Sitting like that might be kinda fun. Whatcha think?

Poor Lucy. Chloe misses Ryan like that and it was so heartbreaking to have her sobbing for him. And then of course, she thought he was going to get killed in a war. I had the same thoughts as you...wanting him home but not wanting him lounging on the couch, living in the basement for the rest of his life. :)

Tesseraemum said...

Your FINE!! Take your time with the bread recipe...I still haven't made your famous pretzels yet. My family is beginning to think they are like my famous apple pie. Non-existant!
If Brenden doesn't respond I think it means he wants the pink one! REALLY!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed the movie. My coworker and her kids were extras but did not make the final cut. We live near where it was filmed. Please pray for my hubby. he had surgery on both legs today and is in a lot of pain. Please pray that the pain eases up and that it all heals properly. Thanks a bunch.

Madeleine said...

He never responded? I wonder why? It looks awesome cool to me. And the little I know of him...looks just like something he would love. <3

Your church got the movie theater for this movie??!!?? Most impressive! I go to a small church, where we all know each other and even remember what we wore last week. :P lol. We were thinking of going together as a Sunday School class. All 12 of us. :D lol.

I know all about taking the amens back. In the heat of the moment...they sure sound good and right. Then you think about for...oh...2 minutes; all you can say is, and I quote, " Duh."

Holly said...

My favorite part of this post is the adorable picture of Lucy and Brendon. : ) Love it! And I love the pink sweater. It would be perfect for me in our freezing house where Hubby refuses to turn on the heat for as long as we can possible stand it... and I love the idea of a church renting out the theater! And...I just knew I would hear from you on my ferret story!! Somehow I just knew it! lol!!!!!!!! You had my Jacob and me both in stitches. :)

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