Thursday, September 1, 2011

musings on rum, canning jars, and humility

This morning I had some thoughts on humility.

I think it came shortly after plucking an obscenely long hair
out of my facial region.

So my thoughts brought me to start humming the song,

Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble...when you're perfect in every way...

You know the song, right?

Every single time I hear or sing that song
(not that it applies to me in any way shape or form)...
I think of middle school.
My Jewish music teacher in middle school
(not Jewish
music, my teacher was Jewish. Not that I wasn't open
to learning Jewish music. And not that any of that matters
to this story whatsoever),
would put the words to various
contemporary music (of the day) on the over-head projector
and play the record...and all of us children would merrily
sing along.
And that song, Oh Lord, it's Hard to be Humble...
was one of the songs she would have us sing.

But she adamantly made sure we didn't sing the word damn.
So we didn't.
Actually, we probably did, just quietly enough not to get in trouble...
I don't remember.

Such a nice song, full of wholesome values to teach youngsters, yes?

I have no idea why I told you that little story.
Just relaying to you what was rattling around in my brain while
I was blow-drying my hair this morning.

So last night I bought some canning jars and rum (hiccup).

Let's dissect that sentence.

I bought the canning jars simply out of pure lust
for all things homemaking.
I have zero intention of canning anything.
I have nothing to can.
Well, there are a couple quarts of blackberries in the freezer
that we got from my in-laws.
But those are ear-marked for strictly relayed to me by
K-man who loves him some blackberry pie.
And vanilla ice cream along side.

But I will find a use for that case of farmy-home canning jars,
don't you worry.

And the rum?
Lest you think I've spiraled down a very slippery slope,
what with the vodka and all,
THAT is ear-marked for a Bananas Foster

(thanks to PW's post).
I simply could not resist. It is a dessert of pure delight.

So those are my musings of the day.

Enjoy your evening and think of me often.



massgirl said...

You're not the only one who bought rum today, also thanks to PW's post!

Hezra said...

Um, there are so very many things to discuss with this post.
1) I am going to assume you have been tipping the vanilla a wee bit lassie... wait that would be scotch for the scottish voice, or irish beer for the irish brouge... whatever. Me thinks ye have been taste testin your vanilla.
2) you need to stop blow drying your hair. It could be bad for brain cells... and even causing permanent damage.(to more than your follicles!)
3)Did you want me to send you that canning DVD?? You can get things on sale and make big batches of stuff from frozen fruits and such.
4.) um BLACKBERRY PIE!! Yummilicious!
5.)(was I really on 5? This went into right out of comment into book-length!) I think if you haven't already, you need to read Junie B books to Isaiah and Lucy. They may have been written about you as a child. You might want to ask your mother if she has been telling your chid hood tales. Did you have a lil brother named Ollie?? You may be deserving of some royalties, Missy!
6) I love you. And that is all.

Janet and Kevin said...

Your posts are cracking me up! You are silly, girl! :) Love it!

When I read your recent posts, I get the urge to visit a Cracker Barrell gift store or some other homey-farmy little store with wonderful smelling stuff and such! Maybe someday I will be shopping in one of those stores and happen upon your wares!

janet and gang
We are beginning to surface again after the horrible, terrible jet lag and long trip back - Yay!!

Robin said...

Ugh, runaway chin hairs. I am so not thrilled about this particular aspect of getting old...

What is it with canning - I completely spontaneously bought an entire cookbook on canning and preserving while I was in the US a few weeks ago. Only catch? I live in a city apartment and don't own canning jars of any kind. Still, I'm not one to let logic stand in my way. Whichever produce has the lowest prices this fall is going to be my first victim. Bwahahaha.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Angie said...

I just know when I read your post that I'm going to be chuckling. For a minute there, I thought you were canning some rum...:)

Tesseraemum said...

The canning jars are great for storing crafty items like beads and button and yarn and monopoly houses. They look really cute on a shelf in the craft room/ school room. Ask me how I know.

I am not inclined to cook an actual meal without burning it let alone can something!! I did make zuccini (sp?) bread the other that was edible!! Not a small feat!

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