Friday, September 2, 2011

call within the next ten minutes...

I tend to not use cookbooks much,
although my red Betty Crocker that was given
to me by my much-adored high school home-ed teacher is always
on-the-ready for solid foundational recipes.

I cherish that book.
Thanks, Mrs. G!

But nowadays...I search online a lot for recipes.
Oh golly, a lot.

So that makes for many, many printed recipes.
I put most of them in a notebook...but I also
tend to tape my favorites up inside my cabinets...

I have five cabinet doors that are covered in recipes.

But since my doors are filling up,
I started looking for something that I could buy to hold
my recipes while I am making that particular dish.
Something that I could put at eye-level.

I couldn't find a thing.

Then my own ingenuity stepped up to the plate.
I came up with a high-sophisticated device
to hold my recipe-of-the-moment.

Two-sided tape and a clothes pin.

It's the greatest invention ever.

Be on the look-out for my infomercials.

And if you call operators within the next ten minutes,
I will give you an exclusive offer that will not
be available in stores anywhere.

Call now.


Hezra said...

um, I see no number. and you KNEW I had a Drs appt... was that why you told everyone "in the next ten minutes??" so I can't have one of your nifty devices?? hmmmm. btw, so high tech. lolol

Debby said...

Good idea....never tried to keep my recipe at eye level.....always flat on the counter. Might beed to order one of these contraptions from you.....

Anonymous said...

you can put those you print in a page protector in a 3ring binder. good job for lucy! my favs are taped inside my cabinet too.

Jean said...

Haha! That works great!!

If only I cooked!!

The inside of all my cupboards are filled too- telephone number and so on!

Karin said...

Haha...I love Jean's comment. :) How about sharing some your favorite recipes now and then?! Please? The easy ones? Some of us don't cook very well and we need someone to give us recipes...very easy ones...write slowly...

Sally-Girl! said...

I use page protectors and a three ring binder(s) too!!!

Jodi said...

you crack me up!!! Thanks for the smiles!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

BUT WAIT!! (they always say that), do we get free shipping?! I love my red plaid cookbook too. Mine is 23 years old=)--a wedding present.

Chris said...

Shelf full of cookbooks, but a 3 ring binder w/ page protectors for the printed out recipes, but I really need one of your non-electric, no-battery door clips, where is your phone #

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