Thursday, August 25, 2011

THE vanilla post

Well, here we go.

The big vanilla post.

Is anyone still following along?

today I broke out all the stuff for my vanilla-makin'.

It's quite simple, actually.
(I got the method from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers)

A whopping gallon of vodka.
Yes, it's el cheapo vodka.
What can I say, I'm a cheap date.

Then add 80 Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans.
I love that movie,
And as it turns out, it's a real place.
Who knew?

I kid.

Moving on...

I just cut the beans up the middle
and threw them into a big glass container.
Which happens to be my sugar canister.
So sorry, shug.

Then I poured in the good stuff.
And just for your information, I don't normally
entertain my children with hard liquor.
Except today.

And now,
the whole concoction sets for a good 4-6 months.
All the while, my sugar is temporarily homeless.

The end of another glorious day.


Nancy said...

If you decide to sell it, I will buy some...seriously!!!btw had no idea there was that much vodka in vanilla.

Karin said...

I had no idea about the vodka either. Too funny! Since it takes 5-6 months to ferment, that give you plenty of time to find cute bottles and labels. :)

Debby said...

Too bad it won't be ready for Christmas baking.... Then again, it will make great Chinese New Year gifts.....=)

Kim K. said...

I love that last shot of the bottles in the trash can. Can't wait to see your first post using your homemade vanilla.

Jennifer said... vanilla? Where have I been? :) How cool are you?!?! I so need to try this! Where did you get the vanilla beans?

Kristi said...

I'm assuming your scissors must smell yummo...either that or Isiah has a really long nose hair he's trying to get.

Sally-Girl! said...

I'll take a bottle for Chinese New Year's!

patty said...

4-6 months? I can't wait that long! I guess I'll get my own vodka. Fine then. LOL

Serving the King said...

Seriously Lori you CRACK ME UP!! Ha!

The Thomasson's said...

So Fun!!! Seriously though 4-6 months!?! Don't know if I am that patient.

Adrian Roberta said...

Ya know...if you needed to taste the 'marinade'....once and a while...over the next 5 wouldn't know...just to 'check' on it....

just saying that's what I would do....


David and Janet Hurley said...

Girl, you are just getting too much time on your hands....I would never dream of making these things from scratch! But I am sure they were yummy!!!

Holly said...

LOL! I am amazed at the fact that there is vodka in vanilla as well. You learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...

4-6 months!!! I can't believe it takes that long! You totally had my laughing - and I'd probably forget all about the vanilla after several months!

quilt-n-mama said...

I make this an love it!!!!

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