Friday, August 26, 2011

pretzel tattoo

Today's Project:

Hot Homemade Soft Pretzels.
(Click to get recipe)


OH my word.

Oh MY word.

Oh my WORD.


These little rascals were THE greatest thing
I think I've ever made.

Not that that's saying much because I readily admit
that my cooking skills lack luster.

The sign in my kitchen that reads:

*I kiss better than I cook*

holds much truth.

Though I'm not sure I'm that great of kisser either.

What ever we talking about?

Oh yes...


Take a look...

The shape is lacking the traditional twist...but that's only because
they poofed up so big in the oven.

That happens to me too.

But I tell you what.
These little suckers could be shaped like June Bugs
and they'd still be dangerously delicious.

Actually...they do look like June Bugs.

So be it, I say.

I am vowing before you right now
(not really)
that I will get this recipe tattooed onto my right arm
as soon as I get up the nerve.
(not really)
I never ever ever want to be separated from this
glorious path to pretzel heaven.


Angie said...

Totally awesome looking pretzels. Must try this...and the puffier, the better!!

Madeleine said...

HAHAHAHAHA. You are a panic.

But really, they look amazing. I love cooking. If only I had a kitchen.

I may have to try making them.

After the storm. :P

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh I make these in my BMaker for my sweet friends kids who are allergic to dairy.....eggs....nuts.....rodents....frankly everything.

It is such a hit!

I eat mine not infront of them....dripped in Chocolate, or sugar *yum*

Holly said...

Oh my, those really do look divine, and I am not even a pretzel lover! But I do have some major pretzel lovers in my house, and I can tell you we are going to try these! (Not sure about the vanilla. I don't think I could ever be as brave as you and actually buy that stuff!)

Liz Tolsma said...

Homemade soft pretzels are the best!! I make them for special occasions, like Packer games! Whenever my kids have friends over, the request is for my soft pretzels. It's nice to be famous for something. Enjoy them. They do look delicious :)

Tracy said...

Hey Lori, This is a question on your homemade vanilla. Where did you have to get your vanilla beans from? Specialty store?

Lori said...

Tracy...I hope you check back here for my response...I don't have your email address or any other way contact you. :)

The vanilla beans I bought came from:

The link is also in my vanilla post. :)

I hope that helps! Please email me at ( if you have more questions.

Oh and if you don't mind, let me know you got this message! :)))


quilt-n-mama said...

We love making homemade pretzels!!! We just might have to do that this week as we readjust to life together at our house. I'm sure sweet Clara will LOVE them! Yours are beautiful!!!

Kathy said...

Those look so YUMMY!!

Hezra said...

I swear, your blog on Monday Morning with a sweet ice cold glass of Pepsi....(vanilla flavoring would just be the bomb about now. ;-) ) is the best for getting the week started right. I WILL be trying this glorious recipe(which I will suffice to just write on a recipe card and not my body). As soon as the weather is not a thousand degrees and baking again is possible.

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