Wednesday, August 17, 2011

once upon a time...

Once upon a time,
there was a very hot and dry summer.
It was so hot
(how hot was it?)
that the children of the land were kept indoors,
much to the chagrin of their mother.
Much chagrin.

Then one day,
clouds rolled in and soon broke forth
with showers of soaking rain.

The children were set free from their captivity
and let loose in the wild to enjoy
this long-forgotten Noah-like downpour.

And the rest of the story goes as follows...

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.


Shonni said...

O.K. - ya’ll are so cute I want to live next door to you!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh amen! ;) Love the tushie pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Too much fun!!!!

Chris said...

You forgot the shampoo! My kids love that too. (the rain, not the shampoo)

Kathy said...

LOL! I love it!
Isaiah looks like quite the little character!
He always looks like he is thoroughly
enjoys everything he is doing.

So happy to see Lucy is feeling better.

Hezra said...

Hahaha!! Thank you for sharing your story, although the illustrations were even better than your writing. Cptain Underpants is funny.

mary said...

I love your family, Lori!!!!

Karin said...

So funny! At least he puts his underwear on correctly (which is more than I can say for Jake--haha)

Debby said...

So Stinkin Cute!!!!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

UGGGG- so hot here too. I actually feel more cooped up than in the winter time! Thank goodness for water play to save our sanity.

Jean said...

Haha! Love the pics!

Lucy is growing! She is so cute!!

You are a good Momma- obviously, I need to lighten up!

I did clap through the window when they we outside with their umbrellas- does that make me a good Momma. too?? BUT nobody got wet!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

.................I love everything about this post. Oh! By the way! I just got my car so I am coming to visit soon :) And this also means I can baby sit for you if you would like :)

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