Friday, July 29, 2011

where do your kids rank?

Are you feeling annoyed by your kids?
Even resentful?

Be honest.

Do you have more "important" things to do than
placing them high on your priority list?

where do your kids rank with you?

Please go read
this blog post.
I promise you, your perspective will be freshened.

Go read it.

Do it.


Anonymous said...

That's very convicting - especially after being whiny about working with 4th graders all week at VBS.

quilt-n-mama said...

Another homeschooling mom in our group sent this out as well. I needed to read it in the craziness of life right now, thanks for passing it on to others!

Debby said...

Funny & ironically I did not get the empowerment from that post that you apparently did......
Thanks for the link anyways. I hope Nick's golf game is going well.

Matilda Joyce said...

Hitting the (phantom) LIKE button now!

Our family: said...

I've had this post of yours bookmarked forever until I had time to read it. Well I just finally read it! Thank you for posting. It is both encouraging and convicting! I just printed it out and I'm going to keep a copy in my daily homeschool portfolio. I think I need to see it everyday!

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