Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's been quite the eclectic weekend around here.
With K-man and Nick being gone,
I am doing my best just to avoid being hauled off to the funny farm
before they get back.

I have one night left, and I'm not totally convinced that I will make it.
I'll let you know.

But here's a brief (very) synopsis of what we've been doing...

Lucy calling her daddy because she missed him really, really bad....

That would be sidewalk chalk on her face.
I have opted not to bathe the children in my husband's absence
in order to shave off a few of my chores.
Just kidding.

We made a lot of Chinese food because around here,
it's only the Chinese people and me
who love it so much.
So we take advantage of the white people being gone.

(B was in and out, as usual)

Chicken fried rice.

Macy had her very first sleep-over at our house.
Her new friend Jamie came on Friday night
and we enjoyed her immensely!
She is 19 years old and was adopted just before she turned 14.
She is simply an amazing girl who overcame
a ton of obstacles.
I told her she needs to start a blog to tell her story
and she thought that was a good idea.
I'll sure let you know when that happens!

The girls had a blast.
And all my other kiddos had a fun time having her here too.

I found one of my hens secluded under my car.
I couldn't help but be jealous of her ability to successfully isolate
herself from the others.

I almost climbed under there to join her.

I plan to do that next time.


Anonymous said...

Smart chick!

Matilda Joyce said...

I love your writing voice: silly & sarcastic at the same time.

Let us know if you manage to get underneath the car... one of us will give you a hand getting out!!

Angie said...

Please be sure you post a photo of you under the car with the hen...gotta see that one. And if it works, maybe I'll try it with our cat!

Jennifer said...

Chicken fried rice? Yes please! YUMMO!
Hang in there momma! You can do it! :)

Hezra said...

DON'T hide under the tires!! lol Suicidal chicken.

Holly said...

I love you. :D

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