Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sweeping it under the rug {good luck, nick!}

Right at this moment K-man and Nick are waiting
to catch a flight to Florida.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Nick is playing in the
Optimist International Junior Golf Championship

at the

PGA National Resort and Spa.
**Please take a moment to click on the link so that I can have your full sympathy**

I will be holding the fort down at home.
Yes, that is what I will be doing.
I am doing that.

All feelings of resentment and bitterness will be
continuously swept under the proverbial rug, while simultaneously
sweeping the crumbs of real life
from my living room rug, continuously.

But don't you worry about me.

It just so happens that I got me some new rubber boots
that make caring for my chickens
a breeze.
Not a
Floridian breeze, but a breeze, no less.

Although I really should be wearing flip-flops on the beach.

Never mind.

Please excuse me, I have some sweeping to do.

Good Luck, Nicky!!!


kippi said...

Oh Lori, I can so relate!
I hope God is preparing a spa for us mommies - well, I know it will be something better. :)

Go Nick!

Carla said...

Cute boots! But today is Tuesday, not What I Wore Wednesday! :)

I have a similar pair for rinsing show heifers... Such a glamourous life.

Karin said...

Now those are some kickin boots, girl! I suppose they will have to get all gunked up with chicken droppings, but still....

I am so sad for you. {moment of silence} And now for the 'but think on the bright side comment' that no one appreciates... Just think of the jewel you are getting in your crown for this sacrifice. :) Seriously, God DOES see your sacrifice and He will reward you.

Gretchen said...

Ok, I'm in Florida and just to make you feel a teeny bit better...there is no breeze here AT ALL!! Just 175% humidity. Did it work? Do ya feel better??

Stacy said...

Nice legs!
I have the boots, but no chickens.
: (

Robin said...

Oh man, I clicked the link. Ouch.

You SO deserve a girlfriends getaway as soon as the time is right. A really really good one.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Hezra said...

when you DO go... please invite me??(girls get away that is) I have boots too! I lucked out and got black and white polkie dotties(as Moriah says)

The Edin Family said...

Just wanted to send a little note :)
I live in South Florida, and let me just tell you how stinking hot it has been! No breeze at all. And the humidity! And it has been raining everyday, sometimes a couple times a day...you would think that would cool it off...but it just makes it more humid :) Trying to make you feel better!!! :) Hope it is working! :) Praying your son rocks it at this tournament!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your golfer. I know how you feel though... my daughter a high school sr. was selected to spend her summer taking 2 classes at a major college all expenses pd. and when they finished classes they were taken to Washington DC for a week. Still hard to believe I let her go and my only vacation was the 9 hr. one way trip to take her and 9 hr. to go pick her up later this week. Awesome experience for her... for me...not so much!

Chris said...

You should have at least bought the ones w/ flowers or frogs

If FL is anything like PA was this past week, you ain't missing much

Joanne Reddell said...

GIRRRRL...you've got some pair of legs there!!! You're doing something very very right! Can you share your secrets with me so I can have hubba hubba legs too??!!

Oh, and nice boots, by the way!!

Hope Nick has a great tournament!! Wish I could get up your way to help you maintain your sanity while K is away....

Cari said...

wow..."she's got legs"! Who needs FL? You need to go to NY and get paid to model them boots!

Jean said...

Good Luck Nick!!

Nice legs!! And very attractive boots I might add! The Chickies will love them!

So sorry- you had to stay home ;-(

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