Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a pack of savage coyotes

This will likely be the most least interesting blog post you will
read today.

So please, pretend to enjoy.

As K-man and Nick were lounging pool-side at their
luxurious golf resort,
I was outside in the dark fixin' to lock up my chickens,
only to be quite startled to find them roosting
outside their cozy little condo.

If you know anything about chickens, you certainly know that
they always head to bed when it starts getting dark,
find themselves a comfy spot and settle in for the night.
Without any help from human people.
Which is another reason I do love these creatures.
It takes very little effort on my part.

But there they were.

I freaked out.

Really, I did.
This was so unpredictable.

All I could imagine was that there was some sort
of savage beast in their home and they were too terrified to go in.
But obviously not too terrified to catch some shut-eye elsewhere.

I went back in the house to grab a flashlight.
I told Macy what was going on.
And she definitely sensed my trepidation about
exploring inside the coop.
So she told me she would go with me.
After all, what better security than a 4'11" 76 lb. Chinese girl
to protect you?
Yes, that's what I thought too.

Well, it would sure end this post with a bang if I told
you we bravely fought off a pack of coyotes...
but we didn't.

Nothing was there.

All I can figure is that my feathered friends wanted a change
of pace in the open air to slumber.

They're wacky that way.

The End.

See, I told you this would be uninteresting.


Anonymous said...

Strange. Maybe a snake had passed through earlier??? Or they were hot???

Martha said...

Not uninteresting at all - there was quite the climatic moment - when you gathered the flashlight and cute little Chinese girl to go check it out - that kept me reading for sure. Lori, you are a hoot!

As I think of K at the resort, all I can envision is a man that went all the way to China to bring two precious boys home. This trip can certainly go into the "pay back" column :o) Not too many men would have gone alone to do what he did - at least willingly :o) Hoping that K is sitting by the pool and enjoying all the amenities that he has before him.

Holly said...

Good job! I don't find this uninteresting at all. I find it very heroic. I'm sure I would have gone to bed, wondering what was in that hen house, but happy those girls found a comfy place to roost for the night.

Joanne Reddell said...

Boy, you really had me going on that one!! I seriously bought it....I thought for sure you were going to find some kind of scary beast/monster in the chicken house! You are TOO funny!! Thanks for the night time entertainment!!

Kim K. said...

I was totally on the edge of my seat for this one. Definitely monsters under the henhouse/bed. You totally crack me up.

Tesseraemum said...

Well, the title lured us in! I thought for sure you had a pack of coyotes! Whew! I bet one of the little buggers decided to see what would happen if she changed it up a bit and slept outside. Then someone said, I'm not going in there alone, did you hear that noise?!!! I bet its a monster under our roost! Someone call the sweet little chinese girl, she's brave!!!

Jennifer said...

Girl, I'm guessing they were hot! I bet they were having nightmares about being cooked in an oven! ;)

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