Thursday, July 14, 2011

my toothless wonder

Well, happy day.

Lucy-bug lost her first tooth.

My oh my.

To me there is absolutely nothing cuter than a little kid,
sans a tooth or two or four.

Well, I suppose it's equally as cute when they first get
those little toothers.

And Lucy losing her first, makes me so very sad
that she wasn't here for me to see that very same tooth pop through
when she was a wee little drama queen.


Well anyway, when it first started to wiggle I mentioned to
her about the tooth fairy.

Hope for the future.
Abundant prosperity.

All filled her eyes as I told her of this glorious tradition.

But a little part of me feared that it would also set her mind reeling
on the fact that someone unknown would actually
be entering her bedroom
and feel around under her pillow for a lost body part.

It's so creepy when it's all spelled out, isn't it?

So, I was a bit guarded about how much to dwell on this
fun pretend reward.

We put her tooth safely in a little cup hidden in a corner of the kitchen.
It sat there all day.
I know, because I kept checking on it.

But when bedtime rolled was gone, the little dish and all.
Just gone.

I can only imagine that one of the big kids saw the dish,
grabbed some ranch dressing and started
dunking their snack of choice into it,
unbeknownst to them that a tiny Lucy tooth rested at the bottom.

Who knows.

But we had to improvise, and we had to do it quick.

I told Lucy that it was perfectly acceptable under such circumstances
to write the tooth fairy a note.

So she did...

Then came time to put the note under her pillow...
and she panicked.
No way no how was she willing to do it.

So again, my improvisation skills kicked in and I told
her that it was perfectly acceptable in these circumstances to put
the perfectly acceptable note in lieu of the tooth,
under a pillow in the living room.


She found that to be a marvelous solution.

Sure enough, morning came and she checked under the pillow.

A dollar had gloriously appeared.

A dollar.

"Only a dollar?"
Says my toothless wonder.


Yes, dollar for one tooth.

So then she proceeds to ask me how the tooth fairy got into the house.
I was cornered.
I sat there trying to work up an acceptable lie, but none exist.

So I told her....that it was all pretend.
For fun.

And that was that.

She smiled and said, "Oh...okay!"

And was happy with that.

And her one dollar.


Hezra said...

oh my word. lol You guys! I am feeling really sorry for the big kid who may have ingested a Lucy tooth. We use ziplock bags... lol no on seems to mistake it for an empty cup that way. We have lost many teeth here, we have been known to wad up foil. And yes, I would say that a dollar a tooth is rather generous, but my kids asked that too. I said HEY! I only got a quarter a tooth!!! Inflation is so not cool.

Robin said...

She looks adorable :). Ick on someone accidentally eating her tooth though.

M lost a tooth the other day and then left it in camp. She ended up writing a note to the tooth fairy asking her to please bring the gift tonight and she'd leave the tooth the next night LOL. Yes, I've squirreled the note away for posterity :).

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patty said...

Adorable! Nice job on the quick thinking......see, you haven't completely lost your mind! Yet....

McNew Family said...

So cute! I know what you mean about the "lie" - first batch of kiddos, we perpetrated the lie. Second batch - no way - we are starting out explaining the game, but make sure they know that it is just a pretend game with Mom and Dad. They seem to enjoy it just as much - although we don't have any wiggly teeth yet :-( Zabi just visited the dentist this week - her adult teeth are just barely showing up in the x-ray and she is 6.5! Doc says not to worry - but she will have her baby teeth for a long time still.

Cari said...

so funny! Cali has her very first "loose tooth" right now in almost the very same spot as Lucy. She cannot wait for it to come out...although she already knows that "we" are the tooth fairy. :)

Lacy said...

LOL! Lori. She is an adorable Toothless Wonder. Katie lost her tooth at school this year. She got to bring it home in a little plastic tooth necklace. Her teacher said it was so exciting for everyone and the talk of room 502. Too cute!

I have to share with you how I single handedly ruined make believe for all of my children. They were all 5 and under at the time.

Leanne asked me how Santa got in the house to deliver the gifts. I told her he fit through the fireplace. I told her he was magic. I told her all of the things I had learned about Santa. Then she asked me "Is Santa like God?"

So I said... "Ok. Remember when we went to Disney World and we saw Mickey Mouse and Ariel? Do you remember how we loved seeing them? Remember how we talked to Ariel and pretended that she was real? We all know that was not the real Ariel. Ariel is a cartoon. We know mermaids don't exhist and that it's just make believe. But, we had so much fun pretending that Ariel and all of the other characters were real. That is just how Santa is. He is not really a man who lives with elves at the North Pole. He is part of a magical story that is fun to pretned is real. We love watching Santa movies, seeing him at the mall and baking him cookies. We will still do all of those things. We will just know it is pretend." After all of that my sweet little girl looked me in the eyes, burst into tears and said as she was flopping into her pillow.... "Ariels not real?" The poor thing was heart broken.

I am shocked the state still let me adopt them. LOL! Mom of the year for sure:)

I am so glad Lucy took the news about TF so well. I think Leanne is scared for life. Each time we put up the Christmas tree or go to Disney she will say "Mom. Do you remember the time you told me Ariel was not real? I still remember that!" Thankfully she always laughs.

Debby said...

Jami is trying to wiggle her first tooth free, but I think it will still be awhile. Congrats Lucy Bug

Lyn said...

My husband insists on leaving $2.00! I think that's crazy. He says it's OK cause of inflation. He wins, and the kids love it!

(My daughter Megan finally said one day, "OK, who's the tooth fairy? You or Dad?)

Karin said...

Oh that is just so funny! Leave it to Lucy to ask so many questions! I am a horrible liar so I decided to just out all the pretend people like Santa, tooth fairy, etc. And despite telling my kids NOT to divulge this info under any circumstances to another child, I usually get at least one phone call per year from some horrified parent that MY CHILD told hers that Santa or the tooth Fairy didn't exist. Sigh....

Elissa said...

She looks so cute!!!

We do the same thing with million-question Lily-- and have asked her to also pretend with her friends that the tooth fairy and Santa Claus are real. Otherwise I can see some crazy mom beating me up in the pre-school parking lot because Lily ruined it for little Suzy.

Marie-Claude said...

Love that,
I told Beatrice (to her question, how did she get in the house) that she had a magic key.... just like Santa Claus. (That's what Santa told her at the shopping mall last year).

Whew, I was saved,


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