Sunday, July 10, 2011

impromptu date, plastic tubs, and family fun

Saturday for lunch I made quiche.

I tell you this for reasons I don't understand.

But I thought she turned out beautiful and decided to take a pic.
AND I wanted to give my hens, who have been majorly
productive since our little talk, a shout-out
for the fine job they are doing.

The kids LOVED it.
*Spinach, bacon, ham, mushrooms, and cheese*
In case you were wondering.

Saturday night ended in an impromptu make-shift date.
my dear husband ran to McD's right after the kids went to
bed and got us burgers and fries to eat in bed while we watched
an episode of House.

It was disgustingly glorious.

But it was fun. I highly recommend that you all
have such dates as well.

Sunday afternoon was hot.
To the extreme.
But because I simply can't stand to have kids just hanging
around inside...
I try my bestest to be creative with things to do outside.
They will tell you that I'm not creative at all, and I suppose that really
is the truth.
But this is my blog, so I will lead you to believe that I am
one of those fantastically fun moms, loaded with rabbit-out-of-a-hat ideas
that wow my kids daily.

So my hat trick de jour was this...

Oh the innocence of little children.
They have no idea how extremely pitiful it is that they
are actually playing with a plastic tub full of water.

But boy oh boy, did they ever have fun.

Eli was near-by scootering around.

The littles even enjoyed the puddle in the drive-way.
They had THE best time.

Then I really wowed them when I brought out a second tub.
And popsickles.
Family Fun Magazine will be contacting me soon to
write feature articles for them, I'm sure.

And yes, we do have a pool in the back yard.

This is the big kids' version of plastic tubs.

They had an absolute blast too.

Don't worry.
The little kiddos weren't deprived the real-deal swimming experience.
They got in and had a great time too.

So there you go.
Feel free to steal any of my kid-entertaining ideas.

I will continue to arm you with ways to make your children
brag on you to their friends.

That is my vow to you.


Jennifer said...

It has been crazy hot. Blech. Good for you for gettin' the kiddos out and about! :) Love the tubs! :)

Vicky said...

Okay, I totally going to buy a tub for Gavin to play in! Hmm, wonder if it will be as much fun for one?'s water, might throw in a water gun too! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Karin said...

You crack me up, girl!! Admiring your lovely quiche and totally impressed that you made it for lunch. Don't be doing that too will make the rest of us look bad.

Chris said...

I like you strategy..KISS- Keep it simple stupid.. guess it should just be KIS cause you ain't stupid.
Throwing water is great fun.
I think Family Fun should do a feature on 'real' parents

David and Janet Hurley said...

I totally understand. The pool requires constant supervision, and you can relax a bit with the tub fun.
I am sure family fun will be calling you 1st thing in the morning.
We may steel your tub idea---expected heat index of 110 Monday and Tues.

Kristi said...

the look on Lucy's face after getting a cup of water on her face...I'm dying over here!

Martha said...

Well, you are right up there with a magazine article I read about summer fun. In addition to the large bins of water and such, the article gave the idea of water paining - bowls of water, various brushes and using concrete as the canvas. So see, you are on the same track as the latest trends that the magazines are writing about :o)

Becky said...

Hi Lori, just wanted to let you know your blog is a blessing to me. So glad you are on our "For the Love of My Kids group" too.


Tracy said...

Lori you CRACK ME UP!!! I can always count on you for a good morning laugh! Loved the dinner in bed idea. I could almost picture you two in your room trying not to rustle the bags too much and wake up the kids, turning the fan on so that it directs the smell out the bedroom window so you dont get caught. BAWAHAHA...Funny, Funny.

Holly said...

I don't know quite what it is about you, but you can make literally anything hilarious! I am literally laughing out loud over this post. Seriously, does Tim Hawkins need an opening act? And, Lucy's hair and suit are so cute. I am debating in my mind if I should keep Sarah's hair short-ish (NOT as short as is it now, of course) or grow it out for long ponytails and such. I'm thinking the latter after seeing these cute pics. : )Also, bangs, or no bangs? That is the next million dollar question...It's fun having a girl with hair!

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