Monday, July 18, 2011

dear mama... {the mother of all notes}

Over the years my boys have left me many notes
that have left me in laughter...and sometimes shrugging my shoulders.

For example....

"Gone for recess"
This was from our early years of homeschooling...
and apparently I left the room for two minutes
and they took off for a self-appointed recess.

"Wash Nick's shorts"

"Mom, we have gone to the brush pile. Love you, B"
There was a huge brush pile in the pasture,
about a half mile away from our house.
The boys got in big trouble one time for going up there
and not telling me. I searched for them high and low.
Needless to say, the second time they went,
they left a note.
They will make excellent husbands.
I guess.

"I have no idea what to do with this."
I have no idea what this note is about.
I think I may have even blogged about it a couple years
ago...but I can't remember.
Still, it's funny.
And cute.

**All these notes are hanging inside one of my cabinet
doors in the kitchen. I see them every single day. And smile.

BUT...the mother of all notes appeared on my counter
sometime over night last night.

And since you can't read it in the picture...
(you wouldn't be able to read it even if you had it right in front of you)
**I'm filled with regret that I didn't push good penmanship**
I will read it to you.

"Dear Mama,
I found this sleeping bag.
Don't ask where, when, or how.
Don't tell me to throw it away either!
Cause I love it.
Please wash it so I don't get infected with
lice, Hep A, B, or C or even herpes.
Please do this for your hard working boy.
P.S. I wish I had an "I" in my name because I would have dotted
it with a smiley face or a heart ...or maybe both if I had two..."

Seriously, this child is heading to college in one month.
By himself.
How in the world will he survive unscathed?
Without his mommy?

Well, for your peace of mind (and mine), I did ask him
where he got this thing...and he said it was in the parking lot at work.
(Dairy Queen)
I'm not sure what to make of that.

I am a good mom because I washed it, just as he requested.
How could I not?

Now where's my reward?

I heart notes from my kids.

They make me smile.


Hezra said...

I am entertained by your note, but scared silly.... at what MINE might find and want me to wash..... oh Lord give me grace now...

Janet and Kevin said...

Too cute! Even for a big college boy! :)
janet and gang

Cari said...

That is hilarious! Seriously, where did that boy get his sense of humor...never mind. :)

Tesseraemum said...

You are a much better mom than I am! I would have been too freaked out to even unroll it!!
I don't know what your going to do when Brenden leaves for school...

Hezra said...

and seriously... can you wash out ALL diseases??? I would be bleaching that baby... and it may look tie dyed. lol

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That. Is. The best. I'm so glad to be living near your family again hahaha

julie said...

I love notes from my kids, too. Funny you would blog about this today...yesterday I posted on Journey to Me about a special little message left by Mackenzie several years ago. Check it out, I think you'll like it!

One month from today we will arrive in Bejing!!!!!

Karin said...

bahahaha...he cracks me up...although I am seriously grossed out that he got a SLEEPING bag from the parking lot of Dairy Queen.

I have some funny notes from my kids, too. Thanks for saying you kept yours--I think I should put all of mine in one place so I can find them sometime when I can't think of anything to blog about. :)

megadog said...

That's why you're a Mom of boys. God knew you could handle all they'd throw at you. The Hep A, B and C cracks me up!

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