Wednesday, June 1, 2011

three glorious years since gotcha day

Like a complete dork,
I went through almost the entire day before I realized that
today is Lucy's 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary.

I thought of it while driving down the road this afternoon and I said,
"Lucy!! Do you know what today is??"

She didn't.

And when I told her, she was like,
"What are you talking about??"

I actually had to explain to this child (for the millionth time)
that she was adopted from China.
I mean, she really does know that...but I think it's so
hard for her to comprehend because she
has no memory of it.
And probably now that she's seen three siblings come home
from China, she has an even harder time imagining that she was ever
in their shoes.

In a way it makes me sad that she is so distant from her
humble beginning in life.
But at the same time, having now adopted two older kids,
who have China fresh in their memories constantly,
I can see how life is just easier to have forgotten
all that.

I hope that doesn't sound cold or indifferent about her
birth country and where her roots are,
but there is just a lot to sift through when you are adopted older.

I had a little deeper conversation with her later,
reminding her of her pictures in her scrapbook for her foster family
and how she came to us.
She seemed to recall her story...but only as it has been told to her,
not from her own recollection.

She is such a glorious little girl with a personality
that lights up a room.
She's growing up way too fast for our liking and
we couldn't be more proud of the beautiful young lady she
is blossoming into.

Thank goodness K-man saved the day (as he often does),
with a special balloon, just for her...on this very special day. are such a beaming light in our lives.
God knew exactly what He was doing
when He orchestrated with great meticulous detail His plan
to bring you into our family...forever.

I am so grateful for you, my sweetie girl.


Holly said...

AW...Happy Forever Family Day, beautiful Lucy!!!!!

Joanne Reddell said...

Wow!! I can't believe it's been 3 years! Incredible! What a joy Miss Lucy-bug is - she is the most adorable lil gal ever!! Happy Gotcha Day Lucy!! You are such a sweet blessing!

Lacy said...

Happy Gotcha Day Lucy!

Vicky said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy!

Anonymous said...

I forgot our oldest daughters 10th Gotcha Day. I did remember later in the evening and we had take out Chinese and she was happy. The youngest LOVES her Gotcha Day more than her birthday. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY LUCY!

Karin said...

Happy Gotcha Day to the amazing Lucy!! I can't imagine your family without her. :))
PS. I sadly forget my kids' Gotcha Day's sometimes too. Sigh...

Rachel said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! Thank you for sharing her story from the beginning - she's a beautiful girl!

Jennifer said...

Happy Gotcha Day Lucy!!!! Sweet girl! :)

Cari said...

Happy Gotcha Day to your sweet Lucy! I totally get what you are saying in your post, and no it doesn't sound cold. Older child adoption is so different than adopting a younger child. It's not for the faint of heart, for sure. :)

Angela said...

She's such a beautiful little girl and in that picture looks so much older!

Happy Gotcha Day Lucy!

Nancy said...

Cannot believe it has been three years I remember those first pics of Lucy. She looked terrified. .What a transformation. AND it is hard to believe that we have been "friends" for three years. Happy Gotcha Day!

Nicole A. said...

Wow - three years! Happy Gotcha Day to the little sweetie who started your family on such an amazing journey!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day Lucy!! Hard to believe it was 3 years ago we were all in China meeting our children. With all the activity you have had in the past few weeks it would have been very easy to forget. She is a lucky girl to have such an amazing family!!

Angela Singletary

Chris said...

You know? she looks like she is maturing now that she is the big sister.
Congratulations on being a family

Anita said...

Awww....she reminds me of Kaylin at times Lori! Happy Gotcha Day sweetie and family!

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