Sunday, June 5, 2011

our week {in review}

My blogging time is limited these days.

I do wonder why.

But here's a few nuggets of time captured for your pleasure...

Lucy is becoming quite the basketball player.
I reckon watching her big brother all these years has taken hold.

We have a lot of family time outside.
Look at Brenden...
(funny how much he is at home now that he has to pay for his own gas)
we actually have a video of the day he got that
little slide for Christmas.
He wasn't even two years old.
Now look at him.
Big ol' kid.
And not nearly as giddy about the slide now.

Isaiah-man plays amazingly well by himself.
Which is a very good thing since he gets up about three hours
before almost anyone else.
I'll not complain at this point.
He's still learning the ropes.
Oh and another newbie gets at an obscene hour too.

I caught Isaiah playing with a basket on his head.
So darn cute.
Almost makes up for the early hour.
He came inside the other day with a butterfly.
He was so proud of his find.
My little hunter-gatherer.Poor butterfly.

I hate to say this,
but he did not survive this incident.
The butterfly, that is.

I'm squeezing these next two pics in the middle of this
post in hopes that they will go unnoticed
by the victim.
But seriously, the following is blog-worthy.

Nick would SO kill me.
Oh and I don't recall where that ball ended up.

And who the heck would have guessed that defrosting the deep-freeze
and putting the ice in the drive-way would create
so much entertainment?

These kids had an absolute ball.
Who knew?

Well, I sure do hope you all have a great week!
We hope to do the same.
My main goal is to keep boredom at bay...
without spending any money to do it.

Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Kim K. said...

Such happy pictures. Your freezer chunks remind me of our West MI snowy driveways. Glad that is behind us, but I can only imagine what fun the kiddos had.

Happy Summer!

Cari said...

How about defrosting someone else's freezer? That's free. :) Sorry that's all I got right now, because I need to go to bed. Hope your boys' sleep schedules coincides with yours soon. It took Selah awhile to stop getting up a 5 & 6 in the morning. She was used to getting up early for school, but I think most of it was nerves. She's still an earlier riser, but not as bad anymore.

Sally-Girl! said...

OH all our littles are up before 6am each and every morning, so it makes me happy to hear that their are others in my club!!!

However, all of our littles now have learned that they have to stay in their rooms and look at books or the boys play legos quietly until 7:30!! We put alarm clocks in their rooms so they know when they can come out!! Works great!!!

Anita said...

Love your week in review and I just may have to revert to that as I'm already way behind again. I don't think I'll ever get caught up...permanently. UGH! ;)

We gotta chat .... like as on the phone... my friend. I've been thinking of you all week.


Mom2Four said...

Don't suppose you live near the beach? That's where we spend H-O-U-R-S of time keeping boredom at bay for F-R-E-E

Nicole A. said...

So good to see that everyone looks so happy! Hope the adjustment is going well!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Difference2This1 said...

At least the butterfly was brought inside to show Mama; not dinner!! My new small boy put his butterfly find into his mouth- but I am surprised to report it actually survived being spit back out. He may have died later due to shock though.

Good luck keeping kids busy. I'm about spent keeping 2 small boys busy for 13 non-stop hours per day. Especially when one puts EVERYTHING into his mouth. And what doesn't go into his mouth is thrown by the other one. Hope someone leaves you good suggestions that I can use too! Blessings, Jennifer

Karin said...

I think you're doing very well keeping them busy with free stuff. :) Let them use their imaginations and be amazed at what they come up with.

quilt-n-mama said...

I love, love, love the ice!!! looks like you are enjoying some time outside. It has been so hot and windy here that being outside after 9am isn't much fun so we are trying to get out and enjoy it when we can.

I love the basket pictures, our kids love to play with laundry baskets- they are boats, baby beds, animal cages, trains... so many things!

I think I maybe back that way in a few weeks, I'll let you know if I will be. Plans are constantly changing since we are still waiting.

Blessings friend!

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