Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bubble-guns and cruises

I'm typing this in between about a dozen+ tasks.
Plus taking care of a tummy-sick Lucy-bug.
May I just say that it seems somehow easier to me if the majority
of the kids are sick instead of one?
Especially this one?
I didn't just say that.
I am perfectly content with just one being under the weather.
But still.

We had originally planned to go to a new park today.
After spending all day long at home yesterday,
we were desperate for an outing.
But now...since Lucy is sick....we will stay home.

A few months ago I bought some bubble-guns that I was saving
the the perfect boring day.
And even though I had hoped to delay their debut a little later
in the summer,
yesterday was the day...

It was a fun-filled exciting moment in their day...
and by moment, I do mean...moment.
The batteries didn't last long.
And the kids lost interest quite quickly.
And Mama was annoyed.Not long after that,
my little tuckered out fella couldn't fight his need for a nap
any longer.
They're so sweet when they're sleeping, aren't they?
And I feel the need to explain publicly (for the record) the two large
knots on his noggin.
Though they're hard to see with his cocoa-colored skin
(that I am insanely jealous of).
One huge bump by his eye was from him getting himself
down from the bar stool.
(And I should explain further that I mean the bar stool
in our kitchen...not at a bar. Though I'm not beyond that, should
our entertainment run out this summer. Just kidding.)
And the other bump is from him hitting his head on the toilet stool
when he was pulling his pants down to pee.
Yes, he did that.

And the day ended with cuddle time with Brenden.
As many of you may recall if you followed our journey to Lucy,
she also was very smitten with her biggest brother right from the start.
And so is this little guy.

Slowly but surely we are adjusting to our new normal.
But I'm not gonna lie,
August 19 can't come quick enough.
(That's when school starts...the big kids are going to school this year).

And I also can't wait for November 2012 when my dear hubby and
I are planning a cruise (or something) for our 25th wedding

And in 2018, my dear friend Patty and I are going on a girls cruise
to celebrate the fact that we got these big kids raised without
completely losing our minds.
Well, we're going on our cruise whether our minds are intact or not.

Now I must go for now before someone
bumps their head or throws up or gets bored to the point of running away.

And please, please leave a's my only contact with
the outside world.


Lisa said...

Hang in there Lori! Poor Lucy too. (ok, poor mom!!!)

Lena wants to give Macy a call some time. Our life has been running full tilt but am hoping it will slow down a tad next week.


Karin said...

Kids shouldn't get sick in the summer. It's just wrong. So sorry your day at the park didn't materialize. Maybe it's time for a small pool?? Our kids can fit all 8 in a kiddie pool for 2. Okay...maybe 4.

Anonymous said...

oh . my. word. i can so relate. So I just had to leave a comment so that you know you are not alone. :) You make me laugh. simply your honesty makes me smile and I love reading your blog!!!!

a friend in Virginia :)

Jennifer said...

Love the picture of Brenden and little man! So precious!!! Are you guys as hot up there as we are down here? Holy smokes! It's only JUNE! :) I saw a picture on another bloggy mommas site and she purchased plastic sheeting from Lowes, spread it out over their lawn, turned on the hose, added dish soap and voila! Slipper slide and a bath! All rolled into one! :) If we run out of ideas, I'm so gonna do that one! :)

Jerry and Christy said...

I know how you feel about being stuck in the house. My girls have been sick for the last week. Yesterday they were battling it out. Oh my! Lucy bug get better quick!
We need to get out in our "sunny" CA weather. Where is the sun? It has been dreary and cloudy here.
Hope you all can get out and play in the sun soon.

Shonni said...

I LAUGHED so hard at the second bump accident!
Well, actually, I laughed several times during this whole post. You do know that Nov. 2012 is NEXT year? Sure your going to make it?

Gretchen said...

So sorry things have been a bit CRAZY at your house. It's funny about the second bump...Ashlyn just did that the other day when she was pulling up her pants. She hit her chin on the seat.

quilt-n-mama said...

This had me rolling... which a really needed considering my "favorite" group of people failed once again to send us that very much desired piece of paper (but remembered those after our name, oh well!) that just needs our silly little signatures on it so we can get moving to bring our sweet girl home!

Let's see... what have we been doing to keep busy... we are still in school in the mornings so that takes up the mornings... this afternoon, we made ziplock bag ice cream (family fun Mag)- very easy and a tasty treat in 102 degrees with roasting wind... I think we now live in a convection oven in our part of the State! We also made bracelets with sculpey... I was desperate to keep everyone busy with our extras here a couple of days a week!

As for bubble guns, so disappointing... I thought they would be great too, not! Ours were the same as yours, lame and long forgotten!

Smile friend, hope you can make it to the new park soon!

Joanne Reddell said...

You ALWAYS manage to make me smile & giggle!! Your blog is such a blessing (and it's great entertainment as well!!) I hope Miss Lucy recovers FAST!

I wanted to ask you about Eli's brother, are there any updates? Is Eli able to keep in touch with him?

What are your big boys (B&N) doing for the summer? Golf tournaments, etc?

Hang in there, girlfriend!! Love you a bunch!

Jean said...

Whew- I am feeling much better now! Our little guy bumps his head twice a day!
No lie- it's become a family joke!
He walked in a parking lot and almost knocks himself out from a rearview mirror. I feel bad for him but ,it is kind of funny! he has done the toilet seat thing too!!

Hope Lucy bug feels better soon and your crew and get out of the house!

We tried the bubble guns too the fun was way too short term...

Patty said...

Oh I know the head bump thing...he really is just like Brady isn't he?!! At one point Brady had 7 goose-eggs on his head....I asked the dr. about making him wear a helmet and she said "you know he won't keep that on!". Well, 2018 better hurry it up....and I'm just warning might not want to tell me where you are cruising with your hubby because I just might crash your party next year. Kelly won't mind a bit will he?!

Joanna said...

Love the toilet seat story! My 4-year-old hasn't done that yet, but I can totally see it happening. And naps? I just went up to answer the phone and found him sacked out on the hallway floor!
Hang in there!

Natalie said...

You crack me up! We just got home with our 11 year old, so I know what you mean about breaking out the entertainment you were hoping you wouldn't need until at least mid July!
I actually got bubbles out today too. That took care of about 15 minutes of our 10 hours until Dad got home!

Have you looked to see if a bowling alley in your area offers free bowling in the summer? Pretty sure that is going to save my sanity.

Anonymous said...

We haven't hit boredom too much yet as we are still doing school at least a bit each day . School doesn't get out until the end of June here . But today was hot , so got the two youngest ones in bathing suits and sprayed them with the hose a bit , in between I sprayed flowers .. didn't last long but it was fun .. I also have them making cards to send to almost everyone we know , get well , Happy Birthday or just plain thinking of you , they love it ! Judy

Matilda Joyce said...

I love reading your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it! What a beautiful family you've got!

Chris said...

So far we aren't terribly bored ...yet. Three of the 6 have jobs most days least in the AM. Then they spend time in one of those above ground pools...Best $250 we spent 3 years ago.
And I am not embarrassed to make a whole list of jobs...the 3 littles are doing dishes...BY HAND! don't report me and hanging out the wash. I am SO MEAN
BTW we get our 25th anniversary this year and DH has money earmarked for "something" only the money is part of the elusive refund we are supposed to get.
Last year I got a trip to China on our anniversary...wonder what I get this year :^)

Adeye said...

2018?????? You actually plan THAT far ahead???? hahahahahaha. You are tooooooo funny, friend. I can't even plan as far as next week :)

I love that your new additions are adjusting so beautifully. They are just precious.

Holly said...

Okay, I'm sorry that things are not the greatest over there with Lucy being sick and all, but I laughed all the way through your post. ; ) Maybe Tim Hawkins needs an opening least it would get you out of the house for a while. I'm sure you could find plenty of material. : )

Nicole A. said...

So funny you are! I love reading your blog!

I do hope that Lucy gets better fast and does not share her sickness with anyone else ~ nothing worse than being sick in the summer!

I am sure you know this, having boys already, but my pediatrician once told me that she would be suspicious if little boys had no marks/bumps/bruises on them ... they are just par for the course!

Have a happy rest of the week!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Anita said...

Trying hard not to LOL since I finally have Mr. Busy down for a nap (hoping's been a few minutes since his last entrance back to the LR!). That is a HOOT about Isaiah's 2nd bump...poor guy....just can't go pee without incident! HA!

Oh and I just might have to join you for that 2018 cruise...might have the money saved up from an adoption by then!

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