Tuesday, June 14, 2011

happy haircuts

Yesterday was haircut day.

These pics are a little out of order...
but that's my life right now.

Eli totally freaked out when I broke out the clippers to buzz the sides
of his hair...but honest-to-goodness, his hair grows
in all crazy directions and needs to be short.
If you have much experience with teen Chinese boys,
you know that they love that longer, funky look.
But, that ain't happening here.
And I think he's pretty happy with the end results after all.

Notice Lucy sitting in the "waiting room"...still in her PJs,
looking very annoyed that it is taking so
long for it to be her turn.

Yes indeed.
He likes his new look, I do believe.

And Little Mr. Tootie-Fruitie...

Well...there are no words, except....delicious.
Is he not?

Note to self: Buy some bronzer...or something, for goodness sakes.

And finally it was Lucy's turn.
And her mood remained the same.
She's precious.

Have a lovely Wednesday!!


Cari said...

too funny about Lucy! lovin' the tan skins and new haircuts, too.

Jennifer said...

Oh Lori! Elijah looks so happy! And Isaiah, well that kid is adorable. Those cheekies are too cute! Love the picture of Lucy! She's just thrilled. ;) And as for tanning lotion. I feel like that everyday. We take a picture as a family and it's like ebony and ivory...;) The kids got Luke's beautiful coloring. We'll just be adding to the tanness (is that a word?)and I'll still be the pale one! :)

McNew Family said...

Oh, Lori, you are too funny! I once asked Chicka if she would trade skin with me. You know Miss Lucy's look in your post? Yup - that is about what I got from Chicka. Come on - lighten up, girlie! Of course the "mooooommmmmm" word had to come out with the look. Rotten kid! I am still amazed that the SWI director apologized to us for her skin color when we first met. Are you KIDDING?

Chris said...

If you need bronzer, I need paint or something...
Joe totally giggled for the entire first hair cut and because of his bald spots was quite concerned what I'm going to do w/ that hair.
We need to leave it a bit longer, but it is a new experience, that hair.

quilt-n-mama said...

Love the new dos. Wish I lived closer, we'd love to stop in a play for an afternoon!

Looks like you guys have been having fun!

Joanne Reddell said...

Eli & Isaiah look so stinking happy! It seems that the transition/bonding period is going great! Eli is so funny with the camera poses - I love it!! What a sweet boy! And Isaiah??....well, let's just say that Lucy's got some competition in the cuteness area in that age group!!! He is ADORABLE - I just want to kiss those precious cheeks!!!

And nice job with the haircuts, mom!!

Tracy said...


I've been following your blog since before your husband went to China, alone, to adopt the boys. 3 cheers to him! I am in awe of your family and I can see God's abundant blessing upon you as you follow his will for your life. Your children are blessed to see you living out your faith! Love the haircuts and the updates! Thanks for sharing. It's been a real encouragement to me as we await our match of a toddler boy in China to add to our family of 5.

Anita said...

Well now I get it....and now I know where I'm gonna have to head for a haircut!! LOL!! Isaiah is just adorable, Lori (as all your kiddos). Now that Kaleb's hair is finally growing in nicely from his "shorn" days at Z, I've thought about spiking up the top, too! Oh how I'd love to get these 2 together some day. Ya never know! :)

And done you say??? LOL!!! I hear ya!

patty said...

LOVE the haircuts!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Waid's hair grows crazy like that. I let it grow in the winter--thinking it would lay down; no such luck, it was just long and sticking out in every direction=). Fine with me too--I like them short and clean cut.

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