Monday, June 13, 2011

a big fun day

What a day we had today.

And I'm pooped.

These kids wear me ragged.
In a good way.

Our day started with the big boys heading off to a
big golf tournament for Nick, several hours away.
They are spending the night in a hotel and everything.
All by themselves.

But first Nick and Isaiah had some kitchen counter time.
Just hangin' out before breakfast.
Nick looks mad, but he really wasn't.
He loves this little fella!

Then we headed to a great park close to our house.
We started out with a picnic...

Then the fun began.

*Pretending* we were at a tropical beach.
I had an umbrella drink and everything.
Not really.
I wish.

These two conquered this big climby thingy in no time.

The Littles...not so much.

But they sure did try.

Laughing. So. Hard.


I never could figure out why Isaiah was holding his ears.
Silly boy.

Fearless lil' fella.

Sweetie girl.
Sweaty girl.

Eli loves, loves, loves to get his picture taken.
He will pose, even when you haven't requested it.
Thank goodness for digital cams.

My baby was SO tired at this point.These two had an absolute blast at the park.
It was nearly impossible to keep up with them!

Then after all this, we went back home and hopped in the pool.

Today was a NOT boring day.

Everyone should sleep a good 10-12 hours tonight.
Yes, they should.


Karin said...

Looks like tons of fun! Hopefully everyone WILL sleep well tonight--including you--and not be expecting to have a carbon copy day tomorrow.
Not that anything like that has every happened at my house. :)

connie said...

How much fun was THAT?!? Wow! It looks like an awesome day ~ and I'd say a good night's sleep, esp for Mama ;-)

Rachel said...

Such a young, sassy lookin Mama to such a beautiful bunch of children! Hope all slept well!!

Jennifer said...

Don't ya love wearing kids out? :) They look like they had a blast! I love the picture of Elijah and Macy! They look like best of buds! :)

Cari said...

Too bad we didn't live closer, so we could meet at the park and let our kids run each other ragged while we sipped on our umbrella drinks, one can only dream!

Adrian Roberta said...

mabie I'm just a tad tired and emotional......but there's just something about Elijah eager to pose for pictures, even when you don't have a camera (lol) that so touched my heart. Ping does that, and I always feel like she's so happy that someone really does want to focus just on her, that it makes her feel so special......*sigh* Precious.....

Holly said...

FUN!! : )

Mia said...

what a fun day! tell macy i said thank you for the letter she wrote... I miss you all!

Joanne Reddell said...

WOW!! I'm alittle behind on reading my favorite blogs....this looked like an amazing day!! Your children are so beautiful!! All these pictures made me smile! What a blessed mama you are!! So happy for your "not boring day!"

Love to you from me!!

Annie said...

Looks like they are a bunch of fun and keeping you busy! Cute haircuts! I figure there's nothing at all wrong with that long funky look if it makes a teen happy, but the cuts turned out great. The slides look like a great time for Isaiah!!

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