Thursday, May 26, 2011

sucked into a mess

What's wrong with these pictures?

What's wrong is...a mother with 18+ years of parenting
experience should know better than
to get herself sucked into
this kind of


Holly said...

Looks about right to me... ; )

Jean said...

How long where they occupied???
That is the real question!

20 minutes?? IT WAS WORTH IT!

And I hope you enjoyed your twenty... short... minutes!

So glad to see someone else is livin my life!!

Robin said...

I just throw a big plastic mat down on the table first (one of those Happy Birthday door signs, it's lasted for years already) and then I don't care :).

So can you even see any of the front of your fridge or is it all covered up already?

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Joanne Reddell said...

Painting, making pictures with glitter, and play-doh.....yup, those are activities that I limit at my house with my grandkids. Just too messy!

Nancy said...

Oh, but they look like they really enjoyed it!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks awesome... as long as the paint stayed at the table:)Looks like things are going well at your house!

Lacy said...

It's those sweet faces that get you every time.

I am so week to those powerful little smiles and please momma's from my sweetie.

It looks like they are having so much fun. I'm with Jean if you got 20 minutes of not getting food, no entertaining, breaking up scuffles and the millons of other things the "need" in a day.... it was totally worth it:)

Mandi said...

Well, I will admit when I saw the first picture my thought was "What the heck was she thinking?"

I don't know, maybe I'm a terrible mom, but the whole water paint is something we never got into here.

At least they're having fun. Right?


let me know when you want me to update your header or complete blog with your newest treasures.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Oh are brave!!! Our Matthew writes all over everything with crayons....can't even imagine what he would do with paints!!! I think it will be a long time before we find out!! :)

Jodi said...

you are a good mommy! look at those smiles!! i had a friend who was so proud to not have play-doh in her house and having raised 3 kids! i thought - how sad. looks like fun! Next, get cool whip and food coloring! my advice - do it outside!

Debby said...

Hmmm....looks a lot like our house. Is it possible to NOT let them do these fun things???!!

I do have a plastic picnic table in the living room that they do this on. My "other" table is usually covered with laundry (folded, mind you...) but still ....covered.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ahaha oh the joys of watercolor....

Hey I have a question! Would you please mention my Uganda Blog and fundraiser in a post? You don't have to write a whole post about it, but just a quick mention? I'm not getting too much traffic....

Praying for you guys and can't wait to see you when I move!!

Chris said...

you forgot the finger paints!
Get a picnic table for the porch and let them paint...and who cares if all the paints are brown at the end of the day?
It's when you add a 3rd kid who is a perfectionist that you REALLY don't want to do this

David and Janet Hurley said...

And don't you love play dough too?! I dread doing crafts so bad with my littles, that I put it on my schedule...or it would never get done. They do always love it though, and we get cute crafts.

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