Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a boy and his...barbie {?}

All the adoption "experts" say to hunker down for the first
few weeks...months (gasp) with your new
child(ren) and focus on building attachment.
Stay home.
Don't go anywhere.

I am getting really close to telling those "experts" what I think about
that nutty advice.
Because...we are all going a little nutty.

Although one particular little fella seems to find joy
in everything he does.

And today, he discovered Lucy's princess Barbie doll.

His future wife has much to look forward to.


Very much.

Brenden did what he could to distract him.

But he pressed on.

Thank goodness he found his rubber lizard along the way.


Joanne Reddell said...

It sounds like your "never-a-dull-moment" life has reached a new level. LOL!! Love the stories and pics of your new precious boys & the rest of the fam!

♥ you, friend!

Holly said...

Oh my...I think it's time to get out of the house a bit.... lol

Kim K. said...

This post totally made me smile. Have a fun weekend and yes get out of that house!!!

Mandi said...

ooooh, I bet Miss Lucy is not gonna be happy about little man finding her Princess. Can't wait to hear more about this one.


Jennifer said...

Could he be more cute and ornery at the same time? ;) Love that smile! :)

Rachel said...

why not let him play with his adoption barbie too?! :) funny stuff.

Jodi said...

too cute!!! I have missed your post over the last few days - your boys are sooooo cute! and are just blossoming! :) and i love your karate moves!!!

Hezra said...

yes I will now pray for his future bride , to be strong and sure to bear his cave man style loving. hee hee. Sorry you are feeling nutty... maybe a teensy outing wouldnt hurt???

Adrian Roberta said...

told you to get rid of the PINK bike ....and now barbies..*sigh*


Jean said...

Johnny shares Brenden's concerns! He makes Sam take off the high heals and put a nerf gun in his hands!!

I think it's kinda cute! and sweet and okay... for awhile!

Hunan Mommy said...

What a cutie! He looks so happy!

jiaoie said...

it looks like he's building attachment with the barbie. hehehe.... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Our new 5 year old boy LOVES barbies and babies! (Which is very nice since he has 3 sisters.) My aunt finally got him a boy barbie, and he loves him and calls him... Barbie. My husband is looking for a monster truck rally or something to offset the girl toys.

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