Tuesday, May 3, 2011

please read...and pray

Hey...I need you guys to pray.
But first, please re-read this post from May 19, 2009, would you?


Look at this darling girl!!

My friend Leah and her husband just adopted her.
Her name is Abbey
and she is one of Macy's friends.
We simply can't wait to see these two girls reunited!

This picture was taken when they visited the orphanage
after their adoption was finalized last week.
But what I'd really like you to take notice of is
the sweet boy in the background.

He is the only older child, out of 30+ kids in the Journey of Hope Project,
that still doesn't have a family coming for him.

He has heard nearly all his friends receive news of
a family coming for them.

He's watched so many other kids eagerly open care packages.

And, as you see in the picture above,
he's witnessed child after child walk out of the orphanage,
once and for all,
with their forever families.

And he continues to wait.

Older child adoption isn't easy.
Sometimes, it's downright HARD.

But really,
is it fair that any of us should have it easy
when this boy just wants a home to call his own?

If you feel God possibly calling you to adopt this boy,
please email me or contact WACAP.

And I would love it if all of you would join me
in praying for him!

After much prayer, it turns out that WE are
this sweet boy boy's family!


May 3, 2010
So today, almost one year after that post,
that sweet boy...our son...is finally the one who gets
to leave with a new family.
My heart leaps with excitement for him.
Although there are so many challenges and difficulties
that await him with the huge changes in his life.

Today, at this moment, my newest guy, along with his new
little brother and dad, are returning
to the orphanage to say
his final goodbyes, just like he saw so many of his friends do.

It is bitter-sweet.
Our new boy has a bright new future,
but he also leaves behind
a biological brother, who is too old to be adopted (by China law).

My heart aches as I think of how this might
hurt his heart...how he might try to hide that hurt...
or reveal it with unleashed emotions.

As you go through your evening...and during the night (should you awaken),
would you please pray
for this very special...and difficult day?

And also ponder this...
there are thousands...millions...of boys
and girls just like our Hao Hao,
who long for a day, that they too can leave with
their very own family.


Cari said...

oh my, Lori, this just grips my heart! Of course, I'll be praying for Hao Hao this evening and anytime I wake up during the night.

Adrian Roberta said...

wait a minute here....did I read this right? I'm half asleep....does HaoHao have a bio brother?!

Chris said...

A big brother?....guess you will be back in Chi*a again some day.
I will pray
I am just so thankful that this orphanage allows good-byes

Anonymous said...

My heart is aching too, tears in my eyes. The first part, seeing him in the background of the picture and knowing he now has a new family(!), but will be leaving a brother. My heart. Bittersweet indeed, praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Praying for HH, his brother and K Man! I just know God is going to allow them to stay connected.HUGS and PRAYER to you all!

Leah said...

Oh friend, I remember this day one year ago when we visited with sweet Abbey. It is definately heart wrenching. I cannot imagine it with the added fact of leaving a bio brother behind. Prayers for you all.

jiaoie said...

oh my goodness, Lori!!! what a God story!!! wow wow!! i'm like tearing up!! God seriously loves the orphans! I want to be a part of His plans for these orphans just like you, because they do have a home! They have a heavenly Father who loves them!

Stacy said...

enough said.

Adeye said...

Anthony and I are sitting here with lumps in our throats. Oh my gosh....soooooo painful! Yes, we will be praying, trusting, asking the Father to work out ALL things to the good of those who love Him.

Thank you for letting us know of the need. We're praying.

Holly said...

Near tears just reading this. I too will pray. God of comfort, Redeeming God, please be very near this sweet boy and his brother and make a way where there seems to be now way for these two to remain in touch. Please guide the steps of this older brother and protect him and provide for Him Lord Jesus. I pray against any bitterness either might feel or be tempted to harbor and I ask that You would allow my friend Lori's new son to express his feelings in healthy ways and that she and Kelly would have the wisdom, grace and direction to minister to him when he needs their understanding and compassion. You Oh Lord have set this into motion and You are faithful to equip Your people.

connie said...

Oh, goodness, how bittersweet this is. I can't imagine the emotions of your Hao Hao and his brother, knowing they will be an ocean apart, one with a bright future and one possibly without. Yes, I am praying!

Nicole A. said...

Wow - how bittersweet that is! We will pray for you all and hope that Hao Hao is able to work through his emotions with you, when the time comes.

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Susan A said...

Praying that the Lord will provide a solution to the older brother that both will be happy and content.

Robin said...

An older brother? Oh my gosh, what a shock this must be. I know a path will eventually show itself, but I'm sure it's thrown you all for one very major loop.

Thinking of you my sweet friend.


Mia said...

I am praying for HaoHao right now! I hope everything goes well with him when he says goodbye to his friends at luoyang orphanage. I am sure they are very happy for him too!!!

learningtogether said...

Praying right now. He'll need a large dose of courage and peace that goes beyond understanding.

Angie said...

My heart just aches for these boys. Praying!

Donna said...

Hey Lori, I read your post just now. But I wanted to let you know that I woke up at 3am this morning with the burden to pray for your boys (which I gladly did!!!). Now I know why!! :)
God is taking good care of your men!!

Rachel said...

Praying right now. Hugs & love.

Tesseraemum said...

Praying. It is SOOOO Awesome that he is yours!! Sweet boy!!! I wonder how many kids HE will adopt when he is older? Sounds like he has such a tender heart... He knows what it is like to wait...

You know, God is bigger than the Ch#@nese go#vm#nt! Just sayin! Just praying. Sheri

Jodi said...

I've missed so much while I was in Ethiopia! Congratulations on your two new boys!! We also fell inlove with a few older kids in Ethiopia! Ohhh my! I want to go back for them!

Tony and Rett said...

Oh Lori, my heart aches! I had no idea he had a biological brother. How incredibly painful. And so much to process for a kiddo.

And for your boys (Jack and K-man) who are already bonding. I'll pray that their bond is not interrupted and Hao Hao folds right into that bond.

No laughs today. Just lots of hugs, prayers, and good thoughts coming your way!

Shonni said...

I will be praying.

Annie said...

Oh wow, you did it again. I am reading backward in posts. To see you son being the last to wait. My heart! He has a family now! Let's pray for his brother!

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