Friday, April 8, 2011

friday ramblings...

I just finished eating THE most amazing
chicken taco salad
in the whole entire world.

And I made it all by myself.

Not sure why I just told you that,
except that I JUST finished it, and it was marvelous beyond words
...and the empty bowl is setting beside me
and I'm seriously tempted to lick what's left clinging to
the sides.

So really,
I need the distraction of typing a blog post.

However, I'm not what sure to talk about.

Oh, yes.

Thanks for all your travel comments & tips yesterday.
Very helpful!!

And for those who asked about why we can't just
buzz on over to China, pick up our little ones and buzz right back...

I sure wish it was that easy.

There are so many steps involved once in-province...
and to get their medical exams and visas.
It all just takes TIME.

But NO, we didn't do all the touristy stuff last time,
and my husband won't be doing any of that
this time either...except a few things on days that they
are waiting for paperwork to be done.

we have definitely skimmed off all the extras
in order to get there and back as quickly as possible.
AND to save money.

And he will leave for home the day after the consulate appointment.
Leaving the same day is nearly impossible
(if even permissible??)
because you have to wait for the visas to be issued.
Plus, the appointments are usually later in the day...and you are
usually in a by the time you got back to the
hotel, got luggage ready to go,
it would be pretty darn late after a very long day.
It's just easier to get a fresh start the next day and head for
home then.

Sorry to bore you all with my ramblings.

I'm trying to be calm.
Trying to stay busy.
Trying not to get too obsessed with
imagining the phone ringing...
with news of our TAs.

I'll let you know!

Now, to help me pass the time...
tell me what your favorite thing to do in Guangzhou is.
And don't say the Pearl Market.
I positively hate that blasted place.

Tell me the must-dos for two boys and their new dad.


Angie said...

There are some fun parks off the island that have playgrounds, lots of walkways and paths, and some rides. I'm sure if they stopped by Jordan's, he'd gladly chat with them. Also, there is a nice kids' park next to Lucy's/White Swan. Don't suppose they'd want to do lots of shopping for you?

Debby said...

My fave to do is SHOP! I don't suppose that is the answer you were looking for......entertainment for the male in Guangzhou?? HMM...Got me stumped....=) The pool is nice....

Kristi said...

My hubs favorite thing to do in GZ....take pictures with the statues. seriously - my son (8 at the time) thought it was hilarious to imitate the statues. I think they could have spent 2 whole days doing this.

Toni said...

My husband took our boys to the toy market, and had a good time. I think there was a sports market also. They took the subway there, which was easy to do. Let me know if you want more information as to where that was and I'll ask my hubby.

Holly said...

Can you believe I never went to the pearl market? I am just not a frills kinda girl!
I sorta figured my treasures were the children! :)
Anyway, I think that they should buy some cheap hackey sacks, with the feathers on them and go play outside Lucy's....seriously...tons of people gather there to play hackey sack in groups over lunch :)
And some swimming hopefully.
And the Victory has a ping pong table in the play room but you do have to pay to get the paddles. Grrr. We also ventured over the bridge off island on foot and went exploring....lots of cool stuff to see.
They will make it work :)
Come ON TA. Monday...come on Monday!

Angela said...

Really? You hate the pearl market too? I thought I was the only one. (Or were you just kidding and I just outed myself...oh well).

Don't know if he can get to the Safari Park. It was maybe an hour's drive (can't remember exactly) and isn't free by any means but I don't think we'll ever see anything like we saw there ever again. Totally, totally worth it.

There was a bookstore over in the mall area (near the McDonald's I think) that I was so glad to get to. Picked up some books for her to read on the plane and until she learns English.

And that park with the paddle boats and walking trail was fun.

And to eat? We frequented the restaurant a couple of doors up from the Medical Exam building. It had green doors so we dubbed it "the green door restaurant." Best meal(s) we had and dirt cheap.

Praying for TA!

Charissa said...

Oh yes...the safari park! It was incredible and not like any zoo here. I'd highly recommend it also.

Charissa said...

Oh yeah, and I am betting on Monday for your TA!!! :-)

Sally-Girl! said...

Safari Park hands down!!!

TA for Monday!!!

Chris said...

We went to a 7 story book store, but it was a mad house....we had more kids than arms...
If your older son reads, grab some books in Mandarin. They were affordable compared to buying them here.

Karen said...


Kari C. said...

I agree with Safari Park! It is the most amazing place. You can feed giraffes, elephants, hold baby tigers, parrots. So much fun!

Patty said...

Chimelong Circus!!!! They MUST go to that!!!! That was the BEST thing we did....all the kids loved it. The Safari Park is awesome--but do NOT go on the weekend. It was sooooooo croweded. Go mid-week-you can get a combo ticket with the circus at the end of the day but it might be a looong day for your little guy. We did Safari on Sun and Circus on Thurs. If you have to pick one---all my big kids will say pick the Circus!

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