Thursday, March 24, 2011

sick girly {and thank ya!}

This is going to be quick.

I have a sick girly.

But I wanted to thank you all so much for your
incredibly sweet comments on
Macy's blog.

She is SO tickled that anyone would take an interest.

You guys rock!

I told her last night that she needs to be thinking of a fun
blog post to do for today.
She said,
"I don't have time for that! Maybe this weekend."

Well, okay then.

Don't worry, I'll try to nudge her along.

Back to my sick one.

Lucy told me last night that her cheek hurt.
I prayed for her and she went to bed.

Then this morning she told me it still hurt.
I eventually figured out that it was her THROAT that hurt.
**Note to self: Schedule an anatomy lesson with Lucy**

So I gave her some ibuprofen and thought that was that.

Not at all.

She told me her tummy hurt.
She says this ALL the time so it didn't register with me that
it hurt really bad.

Until her morning noodles ended up on the floor.
Nick cringed and declared his concern about his future parenting
skills because he had NO CLUE how one would go
about cleaning that up.

Neither did I.

But I figured out a way.
I'm a super-hero, thank you for noticing.

Then I had to go pick up Macy from her math class.
Not sure why in the world I didn't send Nick to get her.
I don't always think things through.
In fact, I rarely do.
Or I over-think them.
Either way, it's usually not to my advantage.

Nick texted me minutes later to say that,
"Get home quick, Lucy is barfing like crazy."

Long story short...she's the moment.

And I now have a gob of laundry to do.


The End.

I Hope your day is a pleasant one!


Janet and Kevin said...

Hoping Lucy feels better soon and that no one else gets her bug! :)

Janet and gang

Karin said...

Ewww...does her throat still hurt? If it does, it could be strep. Ryan always threw up like crazy when he had strep. Gross.

Poor Lucy bug. :( Oh, and I know why you went to pick up Macy. It was a subconscious way of avoiding the barf that you knew was coming. hee! Sorry friend...hope things get better quickly.

Jennifer said...

Poor Lucy girl. :(
I hope she starts feeling better!

The Edin Family said...

Oh my goodness. That is seriously the funniest post ever..though I am very sorry that lucy is sick. I love how you tell a story. :) Hope your girly gets to feeling better soon!! :) God speed with the laundry.

Patty said...

Oh ohhhhhhh dislike so much! Poor girl! Poor you!!! Do you think her strep could be back? sorry friend. Have fun with the laundry (not...) I have nothing to complain about today!

Madeleine said...

You poor thing.

I could never be a nurse over the fact that barf makes me...barf. :P

Babies are sick here too, but not throwing up. Which makes all the difference in the world.

Will be praying for yous.

yAy for Macy's blog!!

And I happen to be President of the Overthinkers/Underthinkers And Usually Make the Wrong Decision Because Of It Club know as O/UAUMWDBOIC if you are interested in joining. :P


Adrian Roberta said...


ROFL, so using that one, cuz it's just that true!

Elissa said...

Nothing like puke to make you feel like a real mom.

Lily told me her mouth stung before she puked last time. Um, right.

Cari said...

I had a puker this week, too, but at least she made it to the toilet! Hope Lucy's feeling better. Just tell Nick to bring the dog in to clean it up next time before you get home! :)

Holly said...

Oh no. :( I am just so very sorry. I hate barf. :(

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