Friday, March 25, 2011

is my phone ringing?

Things I have been observing lately:

1. I can't feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I find this very disturbing and wonder if I should perhaps research a bit more about this trendy thing called exercise.

2. Nothing makes teenage boys whine more than when you change their shower-head to a water-saver one. Yet their friends are relieved, saying the old one made them hover in the corner of the tub for fear of being pelted to the point of bleeding. I think we've just discovered where our water dollars have been going.

3. The school year is almost over and I couldn't be more joyful. Yet, I find myself eagerly planning for next year's homeschool stuff. There is something very wrong with me.

4. The dust accumulation in my house is out of control. And as lazy as I am on many of my housekeeping efforts, this one has me. I can't stand to see dust. Maybe this means I'm becoming a big girl.

5. I can't feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I think this means I'm becoming a BIG girl.

I think my phone is ringing...I'm not sure.

Have a great Friday!!


Karin said...

bahahaha...I'm right there with you becoming a 'big' girl. My teen seems to think it has something to do with what I eat. I prefer to blame in lack of proper hormones.

Chris said...

Big girls make good mamas! We are looking into a money saving shower head...or at least one that turns to all cold in about 5-7 min. If you figure out who is making the dust, let me know...I am tired of picking up hunks of it in we need to spring house clean?
Is Lucy better?

Debby said...

So funny.....just slip your phone into your front you can feel it there!!

Maybe too many people are showering at your house...could that be the answer to the water bill??

Have a GREAT weekend!! Please don't shame me into cleaning my house......

Hezra said...

I have a large chested friend who stores her phone in her top. lolol I think I cannot do this because it will fall right through. lol BUT I am pretty sure I would notice it ringing. lolol

Charissa said... always put a smile on my face!!! Too funny!

Tesseraemum said...

HA!! I AM a big girl and THAT must be why I can't feel my phone either! I was blaming it on the phone!! Thanks alot!!
Karin, it IS the hormones. He will understand some day...When he has a wife. Hang on to that. Sheri

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