Monday, March 28, 2011

a productive weekend

Our weekend was rather uneventful.
But productive.

We spent a lot of time getting the boys' room ready.
That was SO fun!

Macy and Lucy helped a lot.
It was great to have their input.
Well, with get her input on anything and
everything, whether you want it or not.
I've never known a more opinionated or controlling person
in my entire life.
Well, except for the gal in the mirror.


I'll show you pics of the room once we put the finishing
touches on it.

So, speaking of our new boys...
we've been re-thinking names.

I think we are pretty set on Isaiah Jack for our littlest guy.
We've already been calling him Isaiah,
but a huge part of me thinks he looks like a JACK and
I'm a tad torn to want to call him that instead.
We don't plan to keep his Chinese name...I hope we don't regret that.
We didn't keep Lucy's Chinese name either.

And as far as our older fella,
here's the dilemma...
We definitely want to keep his Chinese name (Hao Hao...pronounced How How)
and we also want to keep the name Andrew,
which was given to him by a really special person who volunteered
and spent a lot time with him in the orphanage.
But I really love the name Elijah...and call him Eli.

So...that leaves us with,
Elijah Andrew Hao Hao.

Do you think that's way too long?
Obnoxiously long??

We are kind of thinking of just dropping Elijah
and call him Andrew...or Drew.

I don't know!!

I hope you all have a super duper week.
If you think of it,
please pray that our TA gets here this week!
That's a little on the early side,
but you know how it is,
we can boldly approach the Throne of Grace with our
heart's desires!

Let me know what you think of the name situation.
If any of your Chinese children have long
names, has it been a pain?
Or is it no big deal?

Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the "long" name. I wanted our Chinese son to have his dad's name as his middle name, but we also wanted to keep his Chinese name, so his name is Jerremy Douglas Zhengjin. We never use his Chinese name, but at least it's there. Hmm... Drew or Eli? I like them both. Good luck deciding!


quilt-n-mama said...

we are discussing names too... hmmm... maybe we should decide someday!
I like it both ways, we have chosen to keep part of each of our kids Chinese names so I had to give up on a few of thenames I liked because hubby isn't into long names at all! But it's turned out all right?
Can't wait to hear what you decide.

The Thomasson's said...

Our daughter's name is long, as we gave her a first name, a family middle name and kept her Chinese (Taiwan) name. It has not been an issue as far as daily life, but most doctor's do not have room in their system for both middle names, so one of them ends up getting dropped in seems in those situations. However, in our situation,her given names was given by her birth grandpa, so we wanted to make sure to keep it. I figure as she gets older, most places just ask for a middle initial and she can choose which once she wants to use. Very rarely are full names written out anymore.

Anonymous said...

I like the whole long name!!!! Maybe it will make him feel more important to have all those special names!!! :)

Tesseraemum said...

Not having had to do this yet...mine is just a grain of salt... I say the longer the better! In the future they will appreciate the care you took to keep their identity and incorporate what is special to you. They will feel extra special and it will be a wonderful love story to go back to. The only place they ask for their whole name is school and your the principal!! Our Dr doesn't even ask for it! Praying they are home soon!! Sheri

Karin said...

We kept Jillian's Chinese name and then when we did re-adopt/legal name change at age 9, she didn't want her Chinese name included. Each kid is different. We kept SaraGrace's entire Chinese name because it had significance to the story of how we found her. So she has a really long name! It doesn't really matter...she never has to write it out--although it will probably be more of a pain when she is an adult and having to fill out paperwork with her full legal name. What is Macy's opinion? She might be able to give you the best advice about keeping the long name. :) I like Drew and Eli--but he looks a little more like a Drew to me. And Isaiah Jack...I agree...he looks like a Jack. :) I LOVE Isaiah, too though.

Well, I'm obviously no help. :)

Tracey and Chuck said...

Praying for your TA this week!! Also, love Jack and that little guy definately looks like Jack to me! Drew is another one of my favorites...Love Andrew as the full name but love Drew as the nickname....Our Matthew was almost Drew so that name is close to my heart!!!

Debby said...

I LOVE the names you have picked out. In fact, if I had ever had a boy, he would have been an "Andrew" brother still gives me grief because I "reserved" the name Andrew, then never had any boys, so now we have NO Andrews....=)..oh well....

Both of my girls have American first names, family middle names, & their Chinese names. At this point, they are pretty proud to have all 3.

OPraying for TA this week...oh! it is getting so close now.

Tony and Rett said...

With his age, can you let him decide?

Londa said...

I love the names you have chosen for your boys. We have always had a hard time with names because hubby and I don't like the same names, which is why we eneded up with a Christopher and a Kristin. I think we have a name chosen for our newest daughter least a first name. Three of our 6 children have long names and I imagine No. 7 is going to end up with a long name as well. We did use Katie's Chinese name because we liked the meaning of her name, but for Kristin we came up with our own chinese name similiar to Katie's. It's not really an issue...maybe just a bit of a pain when you have to use their full name in filling out paperwork.
I'll be praying for your TA to arrive soon. Please be praying for us to be DTC in the next week! Thanks!

Kim said...

Okay sista here ya go:

Max Cole Yousong
Tate olson Wenchun
Elliott Draper Baobao
Vivian Josephine Xinhua

Okay, Max is not so long but Viv's is probably obnoxiously long but I love it and she is fine with it.

And I will add that Elliott loves his looonng name. If you go to his facebook you will see that he has his ENTIRE name posted.

All this to say....if you like it go for it.

I really like Elijah Andrew HaoHao....I think it fits him and I could see him as an Elijah, Andrew, Eli or Drew. I like them all!

I'm sure enjoying Macy's blog. I show the boys when she posts something. Elliott said, Mom, why do you look at her blog all the time...LOL. I tried to explain that blogger tells me when she post and that is how I know she wrote something new. I'm not just camping out waiting...okay, well maybe I am....hehehe.


Kathy said...

I love the names you picked!
We kept both the girls chinese names.
Sarah didn't want to change her name
at all. We gave her several choices and
She chose Sarah Grace Hao Yun.
Jaden was only 18 months old. She
likes having her Chinese name.
Chloe's Chinese name is An. Her name
won't be as long. The first time we did
our taxes with J's full name it was kicked
back because it was so long, Our Acct.
leaves of their Chinese names and we are
fine. Same with Dr.'s offices.

Kathy said...

Praying for TA!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I regret not including my daughters Chinese name in her name. I think a long name is fine and with him it kind of tells a story. and as for calling them what you think they look like I would go with that. We had a whole different name picked out for our daughter and then saw her face. She looked like a Lily, we changed it and I'm glad. I just couldn't have called her the other name. It didn't fit. Good Luck!
Praying for your TA!

JR said...

I am absolutely no help to you regarding the names.....but I do know that I will love whatever you choose!! And I can't wait to see the pics of the boys' room!! Post them soon, please!

Happy you had a productive weekend. I spent mine getting ready for our tax appointment - not much fun, but productive none the less!

Holly said...

Our first adopted child was Josiah- and his name is Josiah Otto YaNan and then our last name. Otto is not a name you hear like EVER here in the U.S. but it was a family name with big significance.
At the Dr. he shows up as Josiah O.
Elaina's full name is Elaina Holly MeiSu and then our last name.
We did NOT keep her original Chinese name because it sounded like the english word sewer. :( Not a nice connotation. Her name also was indicitave of an abandoned child and we didn't want those ties either. Luckily for us, she had been called Mei Mei, and we used Mei and Su (the beginning sound of her given name) and put them together. She shows up as Elaina H. in the system.
What does Macy think?

Adrian Roberta said...

I love the long name! Go for it!

Angela said...

First, I've always loved the name Eli. However,I think Drew has a little "swagger" to it that just fits that handsome young man to a T. I'm going with Drew.

Second, our girls both have 2 English and 1 Chinese name and it's never been a problem. Of course, neither have filled in bubbles for the SAT's yet either.

Third, what does Lucy think?

Shelly said...

We changed our daughter's name about a month before we went to get her. We had been calling her Gracie for months and about a month before we left, we found out that she had been called Ella in her orphanage, so Ella Grace it is! She was used to Ella already, so it was at least ONE word she recognized! Our kids still cal her Gracie at times, but mostly everyone has made the switch!

Your sons are adorable, and I can't wait to see them home with all of you!

Susan A said...

Is it possible to ask How How (sorry I forgot the spelling!) what he'd like? He might want to cling to his name, or make a complete new start?

Jennifer said...

I love your names!!!
Elijah's name is awesome!
I'll be praying you get your TA this week!!!

Catherine said...

My daughter is Susanna Michal MeiLan. We call her Sanna for short. She loves having two middle names, one after her grandma and one her chinese name. I decided to keep her chinese name because it was really the only thing she came to us with that she could say was hers and at 7, she is liking having a connection to China.

Nicole A. said...

I would go with your gut feeling! I'd say keep his Chinese name in there somewhere, because of his age.

Is there a chance you will adopt another boy someday? :) I ask because since this son has both Andrew and Hao Hao already, you could use Elijah for your next son ... just a thought!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Adeye said...

I think that every child is differnt and you should really just follow your hearts.

Perhaps, like you did with Macy, let him have some input once he is with you?????? I seem to recall her getting to that point where she loved the name Macy.

Chris said...

We almost dropped our son's sur name Gao, but am so glad we did not.. it was only after we got home and were playing w/ the translator that we realized his Chinese family name is my maiden name "High" Also Liang means "Ray of light or light" Guess what my hubby's name got it- Ray.
so we have Joseph Liang-Gao
I would keep your older son's name and I like the whole long thing...

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