Thursday, February 10, 2011

timed typing tests {my obsession}

I'm super duper happy to tell you that
Miss Lucy is feeling WAY better today!!

The Sass is back.

I'm soooo thankful.

Unrelated to that,
I thought I'd tell you about an old obsession
I've rekindled.

Timed typing tests.

My high school
typing/shorthand (that really dates me, doesn't it?) teacher,
Mrs. Tatum, would be so proud, I tell ya.

My current record is 92 words a minute.

Keeping my skills sharp, just in case that
dream job finally comes through.

Okay, now go take the test and come back here and tell
me how you did.

Be honest.

Perhaps we can coordinate some sort of
secretarial pool or something.

Good times, good times.


Susan A said...

74 words per minute. That was fun!

Glad to hear that Lucy's much better :)

Kristy said...

69 words a minute! Man, you are fast!!

Joy said...

woo hoo! 83

Thanks for sharing the link. I used to word process for a living (for ten years) so that was fun. :-)

Sue Mom of Two said...

89....this was fun. I know, I is probably a little odd to find a typing test fun, but I have always been competitive.

Madeleine said...

28 words a minute.

Stop laughing.

And come on over to the house for St Paddy's Day!!! This is your official invitation. Come enjoy the food & the music and the celebration. Truly be irish for the day!!! I mean, you already may be, but if you are not, you will be. :D

Karen said...

Man, I thought I did good with 65. Not so good compared to the rest of you:-( Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Glad Lucy is feeling better too!

Jennifer said...

So glad Lucy is feeling better!!! :)
I"m gonna have to try my hand at this typing test! My mom is a keyboarding teacher at our HS and she smokes me all the time! :)

Adeye said...

Dang...that is GOOD!!!!! I'd be humiliated if I took the test. Totally humiliated :)

I'll leave the mad typing skills to you.

Karin said...

I was going to say Liar, liar pants on fire, but I see by the other comments that you might in fact actually type 92 words per minute. Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I'm not in your league. And since I don't play if I can't win, I probably won't play. Muahahahahahahaa

Audre said...

65 words a minute

Katy said...

I got 97 with 3 errors, that was fun!

Kathy said...

oh dear-only 48 words... guess that's why i was never hired as a secretary!!lol Glad to hear Lucy is on the mend:-)

Joanna said...

So glad Miss Lucy is improving--I know what a relief that is. Our 3 were a bit under the weather a couple weeks ago, and I'm definitely not cut out for the constant nursing thing.
Oh--70 wpm. Thanks, Mom, for making me learn to type!

Lyn said...

61 wpm. Are you sure you weren't cheating??

Angela said...

76. And hooray for the return of the Sass. :)

Cate said...

60, but I write for a living and I'm used to looking at my hands or the screen so I cheat every day. That's my excuse anyway.

RamblingMother said...

55 words per minute and couldn't help but try to make it make sense.

Jean said...

No wonder you can spout off so many posts!! I've missed a bundle of them- so sorry! Where the heck have I been?? Anyway- I'n not taking your little test - it would not be good for my self esteem!

Is there a category for the three finger typist? I could win that!

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