Wednesday, February 9, 2011

grandmother's cough remedy

Today was glorious.

I got a million and one things done while Lucy dozed peacefully on the couch.

Here's how it all breaks down:
I reached the bottom of my laundry basket.
Dusted every stick of furniture.
Mopped floors.
Scrubbed toilets.
Washed windows.
Relined the swimming pool.
Painted the mailbox.
Baked 12 loaves of bread.
nursed six sick kittens back to health.

And if you believe one single item on that list,
you don't know me nearly as well as
I thought you did.

Delusional, you are.

Truth is,

it is day 2,632 (or so it seems) of Lucy's
flu/strep throat/do-Mama-in

And I'm this close to resorting to my grandmother's
sure-to-work cough remedy.
Whiskey and honey.
Who just typed that?

I suppose that is frowned upon by the board
of Pediatric Medicine though.
And our social worker.

Let's move on, shall we?

The really good news for today is,
Brenden got his fingerprints/background checks
done today.

all three of my fellas shot out of the house
at the mere mention of going on
that little errand.

So very funny.


tinacd said...

I cracked up reading this. That is exactly what my mom used to give us for sore throats and coughing.

Peppermint whiskey, lemon juice and honey.

Hey, it worked! (And the only alcohol I've ever drunk was given to me by my mom when I was a child!!)

Jennifer said...

I don't know about the whiskey but we DO use straight honey on a spoon for coughs around here and it works like a charm!!!!

Chris said...

Those cough's! can whip you right out of dead sleep...
Make sure you get a nap after all that work...or you will be on the sofa too!

Karin said...

Who knew that getting fingerprints could be such a relief? :) I pity you, my friend. Perhaps the doctor could give you something with codeine in it for Lucy. hahaha

Holly said...

Oh my are so hilarious!

Susan A said...

I giggled when I read your post... actually, I believed you when you said you...

I reached the bottom of my laundry basket.
Dusted every stick of furniture.
Mopped floors.
Scrubbed toilets.
Washed windows.

that's when I started thinking, "that's ample time, Lucy must've been in a deep sleep"

Relined the swimming pool.

Painted the mailbox.

Painting the mailbox? humm Lori is kidding us, is she?...

Baked 12 loaves of bread.
nursed six sick kittens back to health.

That's when I started to realise that I swallowed hook line and sinker! well, not sinker because I didn't believe the last part, ha :)

I'm not fully delusional, just half I think! or three-quarters delusional haha. :)

That would be so nice to have all this time and energy to do those chores though :)

Cari said...

oh we can only dream of getting all our work done and then some, right?!

My mom said the same thing about whiskey & honey {but is that biblical? lol}. I did try the straight honey and just about threw up!! GROSS!

Annie said...

Oh thank goodness that wasn't true!! LOL! I have been dreaming that I would wake up one day with that sort of motivation to get everything done. I am still dreaming, of course..

Poor Lucy! ugh! That thing has been going around. We all just got over the cough here in our house. Hang in there mom!

Lyn said...

There for a minute, I thought you must have been cleaning left-handed...until I read the part about the swimming pool. You have to use 2 hands on that so I knew it wasn't the left-handed super-bowler trick!

We have one cougher in the house right now, but I'm thankful it's not Addie, because coughing makes her throw up. She has a permanent barf bucket by her bed at all times. Isn't that lovely?

Hope Lucy is improving!

quilt-n-mama said...

Sorry sweet Lucy is still under the weather. I was gonna say... if you got all that done, can you come to my house?!?!?! We played in the snow, lots of snow, off and on all day! Glad the finger printing is done, hope you get everything else you are waiting on soon! We should be able to claim 3 little letters in the next few days. I'll be glad to finally have them.
Hope your day today is better for Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Try vicks vapor rub on your feet. I don't know how it works...but it always quiets the cough so everyone can get some sleep!

Rachel said...

I guess I won't recommend my grandmother's remedy...a hot mustard plaster on your chest. Can you say "stinky AND painful!"??
Praying for your baby, and you too!!

Jean said...

Haha- You had me going!! Until the swimming pool thingy! I know I'm gullible!

Hoping she is feeling better soon! I'm a nurse- go ahead honey with Grandmas remedy!

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