Wednesday, February 23, 2011

that's what's new {nothing much}

Just thought I'd pop in here to say, hey.

Things are crazy-busy on my end of town
and there is simply no end in sight.

I am having fun but yet feeling great anxiety all at the same time.
I know, I know....Phil. 4:6-7.
Yes, I know.

I know.

Big state tournament this weekend, then basketball is over for the year.


And then, Monday night is a meeting to kick off the golf season.

I think these people are trying to kill me.

Anyway, as we move in closer on our travel dates
(still nothing set in stone, however),
we are frantically trying to figure out exactly who should go.
We are second-guessing ourselves
on our original scenario.

So, that's what's new around here.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I need to get back to a hotly competitive wii bowling game.
Which seems to happen nightly around here.

And for your viewing pleasure,
my Nicky and his fancy birthday cake.

And new smile.


Martha said...

Nice smile, a million-dollar smile :o)

Adrian Roberta said...

What a sweetie! You're one Blessed Mama


JR said...

What a great smile!! I remember when my braces came off.....a few years ago (ahem!)

Adeye said...

Aaahhhhh..... GREAT smile! Happy, happy birthday.

Cannot wait for the day that you tell us you're about to travel!!!!!

Karin said...

Go, Lori, Go!!!! Breathe....breathe... that's right. In and out. In and out. And if all else fails, eat chocolate.

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