Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey everyone.
How's it going with ya'll?

I only have 2.5 minutes to post something cause it is non-stop
fun around here.
Next on today's agenda: reacquaint myself with
my mop...and perhaps the toilet brush.
We've lost touch and I need to step up to the plate to
get our relationship back on track.

And then later Nick's basketball team is playing
for 3rd place in the state tournament.
We lost last night in a nail-biter game.
And honestly, I couldn't be more bitter about it.
But, I might get over it.
Not sure right now.

I would love, love, love it if you would swing by my friend,
Anita's blog
and check out their fundraiser!!
Pretty, pretty please?!!!

Just look at their little guy....
I just can't help but giggle when I look at his
syrupy sweet smile, ya know?
And what's even cooler, he is in our little Isaiah's orphanage.
Perhaps they are best buds.
And ornery little stinkers, I'm quite certain!

They will be traveling super soon and need to raise
the rest of their money to go.

It would be so great for them to meet their goal before they leave!

Go check it out!!


Anita said...

Thank you sooo much Lori! Wouldn't that be the BEST if our little guys were best buds? Oh my goodness girlfriend. How FUN!! I think I'm going to ask who Kaleb's best friend is next time I get an update just to see!!

JR said...

Hey Lori,
Kaleb is the cutest lil guy! I just went over to visit Anita's blog. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Debby said...

I hope Nick won his game!! The girls cheered at their last game yesterday...! Happy to have part of my Mon nights & now Sats back again....

Holly said...

Hi, Lori! I am back in blog reading business after my hiatus. Did you miss me?? : ) I will go check out the fundraiser, and tell your handsome boy happy birthday!

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