Thursday, February 3, 2011

chinese new year! {and more}

Happy Chinese New Year!!

If you are having some sort of delicious Chinese meal at your house tonight,
please invite me over.
I've still got this hacking cough going on and
all I have in my freezer to fix for this fun holiday is
egg rolls.
Macy really wasn't amused when I told her that.

Oh well.
We'll think of something else.

We have another snow day today.
(Well, Brenden has school)
Good heavens.
And even though we homeschool,
Nick and Macy take
classes at our public school so we tend to take
the day off when they do.

But TODAY I'm making them do SOME school work.


I had to comment on Lyn's comment yesterday about me being a lefty.
I am not a lefty.
But you see, a couple weeks ago I was lagging big time
in my bowling scores
(perhaps getting out of the house a little more would be a super idea for me)
and on one occasion Lucy set the game up for us
to play and she inadvertently clicked for me to play left handed.
I figured it couldn't hurt since I had been playing
so badly anyway.
Turns out, I'm an AMAZING left-handed bowler.
Who knew.

These little discoveries in life are what make it so much darn fun.

Not sure I could pull this off with real-deal bowling
but it's working for me here in the living room.

That's all I have for you now.

Sorry so boring.


Unknown said...

PF Changs for us tonight...Kung Pao Chicken OK for you? Spring roll or lettuce wrap? I'll zoom it on over in my private jet w/ some hot tea for your cough! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

BORING!!!!! .....jk :) I want to train myself to be a lefty actually. Maybe I'll start today.....

Patty said...

Hey guess what?!!! I too like to wii bowl left handed! Well for different right shoulder has issues....LOL
Now would you hurry up and feel better already?!!! You better get some of that Osciblahblah stuff to have on hand next time around!! Happy CNY!

Debby said...

Happy CNY.....
Jami golfs on the Wii backwards. Somehow, she swings her club away from the set & still makes awesome scores.


Feel better soon. I think we will be having leftover pizza & hotdogs tonight. I'm sure Macey would rather be at your CNY is what it is...right?

JR said...

Happy CNY to you!! What are we having for dinner tonite??? Well, since we're not celebrating CNY, I'm making chicken quesadillas.

Enjoy your egg rolls and whatever else you come up with!!

Jean said...

Happy New Year!!

Is Kelly a lefty- I noticed that- or is he using your controller?

I think we are going to a Chinese restaurant tonight and a party on Saturday night(with the girls)

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year!! :)
From one left to, ahem, another* ;) Lefties rock! :)

Anonymous said...

Sam's Club has a good cheap frozen Fried Rice that is quick and easy! We have been invited by a Chinese American group to celebrate with them Sat. night. The girls will get a chance to make some REAL Chinese food! FUN!

Lyn said...

I stand corrected on the Leftie thing! So glad that you haven't been keeping things from us all this time! (Maybe if I start cooking left-handed my cooking will improve as well as your bowling has? Something to consider...)
We plan on a family dinner at a fancy Chinese restaurant at some point in the next week or so to celebrate CNY. Pretty low-key.

Londa said...

So glad that the girls are still too young to know, because I have nothing planned. I too am trying to get better. Whatever this virus is it's bad! I have not been this sick in years. Hope you feel better soon! Happy Chinese New Year to you and the family!!

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