Sunday, January 16, 2011

yay for new bunk beds!

We have been looking for bunk beds for the girls for a really long time.
We were open to getting new or used.
Money was the biggest factor...which is why it took us so long
to find anything good.

We finally found some online at Wal Mart.
Yep, I know what you're thinking.
Wal Mart?


The price was fabulous.
They were white, which is what we wanted.
And cute.
Cute is a must with two cute girls.
As you know.

The reviews are what made us pull the trigger.
Great reviews.

The K-man put them together today.
It took around 2 hours,
and probably would have been even less than that had he
not had the help of two Asians and a white woman.

All the pieces were clearly marked and organized.
It was so easy!
(Said the white woman)

So, take a look for yourself!

We're still putting the finishing touches on the room,
but I had to go ahead and tell ya'll about it!

The girls are so excited!

Hopefully they'll prove to be durable enough over time.
(The beds and the girls)

Click HERE to see them on WM's site.


Sally-Girl! said...

Love the beds, love the room, love that I can be connected to life back home when on the other side of the world!!! 4 hours till Gracie-cakes!!!

Anita said...

YAY! They look wonderful as does the room, Lori!! Very girly and pretty!! Our Kaylin, on the other hand, is hoping for a Cars room that's blue and red! HA!! ;0

Faye Verquer said...

We've had the same set for almost 2 years now and they are GREAT!! Our girls LOVE LOVE them! We got Loft beds there for our boys room, and they are wonderful too. They are not the tall loft beds but the shorter ones, they have put their desks under them and toys..hint hint for your boys room!!!

Love the room! Can't wait to hear more news on your boys.

quilt-n-mama said...

I love them. We purchased similar ones when we moved in August and our girls LOVE them! They look awesome in the girls' room!

Shonni said...

Those are so cute. We are needing some also, but much wait for a bit also.

Anonymous said...

Love the room! Where did you get the wall stickers? Nesting are we???:)

Holly said...

super cute and affordable! :)
Who sleeps on top- was there a battle for top bunk? :)

Rachel said...

Couldn't be cuter!!

Sharla said...


Susan A said...

Wow, what beautiful beds, I love the color combinations you used. So beautiful! :)

Lyn said...

Love the room! Way cute!

Annie said...

Being a family of 5, soon to be 6, we definitely have no problem with WM! :) The bunks are adorable and the room looks super cute! I bet the girls love it!

Holly said...

Very cute, and I love the room! Girl stuff is just FUN!

Debby said...

What a cute room!!! I keep thinking about putting my girls in a room together & turning the other room into a play / craft room...... Hmmmm....bunkbeds.......

Jean said...

Love them!! I bet the girls are so excited!!

And I do like the idea for the boys room, too- Lofts with play/ desk space underneath!!

I am so excited for you to bring home those two adorable boys!!

God is so good!!

(i'm guessing that white woman didn't have a whole lot to do with those bunks getting put together- did they send you out for refreshments!)

Gina said...

I love the bunk beds and the room! Our girls' room is green also and I *love* the color of it. Do your girls ever mind sharing a room?

*Overflowing* said...

Adorable!!! No doubt you had 2 eager girls ready for bed :)

TanyaLea said...

very nice! what a happy room, makes me want to be young again!!! ;) gotta love that wally world!


Learning Together at Home said...

So pretty! We definitely do double stacking here too. ;)

Madeleine said...

Very Cute!!!

We got the same bed spread for Elena!! But now that Audrey is coming, we changed them.

I am posting the girl's room today too! My sister & I spent all weekend finishing it. And when I say 'we', I mean she, because I was glued to the TV watching the games. lol.

Anonymous said...

We had the oak set from WM for our twins. The only thing we ever had to break was one of the slats on the upper bunk. My daughter was lying on the bottom bunk & decided to kick the top slat. :-) Make sure you keep the extras they sent.

Nicole A. said...

We have those same wooden WM bunk beds (in natural wood) for our boys. Have had them for a few years, and they stand up to two active young boys very well! My husband checks the tightness of the bolts, etc, often, but they are always tight. We have been so pleased with those beds!

The room is so cute! Love the wall decals!

Looks like you are making room for some new girls to move in eventually, too... :-)

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Karin said...

Love it!!!! It's such a similar color scheme to my big girls' room (when it gets done---dry-wall guy coming tomorrow). Super cute room!! Does Lucy sleep on the top?

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