Monday, January 17, 2011

adoption update

Well, I don't have a whole lot to report to you,
in fact,
all I can say is that we are still waiting on our LOA
for Little Mister
(Isaiah Jack)
(Already have it for our big boy)
(Elijah Andrew)


Our agency thought for sure it would come right away and
that our process would only be slowed down
by a few weeks.


It's looking like it will be longer.

We so wanted to get the boys in March.
Now I'm praying for April.

April would be good, yes?

I'm also praying for God's provision.
Adoption is expensive, as you know.
And two?
Ummm, wow.

But God!!

I plan to do some sort of fundraiser but not sure what yet.

But if by chance you are itching to donate,
Who am I to stop you?

You can donate via Paypal and use my email address:

If you want to.

And don't you worry.
If you do donate, I'll be sure to get you in on any future
giveaways or whatever I end up doing.

You guys are the best.

Now go have yourself a happy Monday!!

Be blessed and be a blessing!!


Jean said...

Love the names!!

Waiting is painful...

NBow that their are two treasures- who will travel to get them??

Hoping we both travel in March or April!

JR said...

Good Monday morning to you!! I will be praying for your adoptions to be finalized by March/April. This was the first I saw the boys' American names and I love them! Great choices!!

Jennifer said...

We will be praying for March travel and ya know, God can do it! Many prayers headed your way with expenses too! Love the boys names!! Have a very happy Monday!!!

connie said...

Thank you, sweet friend, for the update and for the opportunity to invest in your family! What a blessing!

Sean and Lisa said...

Love their names!!
Praying for you to get all the paperwork needed SOON!
Much love!

Adeye said...

I just love the names you have chosen, friend. Wonderful. Hang tight--you'll be there before you know it. Time flies!

Such an exciting time in your lives. I cannot wait to watch it all unfold, as ONLY God can do it.


Holly said...

I love the names too!! I think Isaiah is my very favorite right now. I will be praying for provision for you. Can't wait to see how He provides!

Hezra said...

I have an Isaiah Luke and Elijah William!

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