Sunday, January 23, 2011

our weekend {in review}

Guess what we did this weekend?

Go ahead...
I'll give you one guess.

Wow, you are so smart!

But I just couldn't seem to capture any fabulous
action shots of my player.
However, the fans
were especially gorgeous....

Macy and my mom.
Two of the most devoted and loyal fans you will ever meet.
Who know almost nothing about basketball.

I'll let you discern for yourself Lucy's mood at this moment.

In between games...
we were a little on the lazy side.
Just the way it should be.

Is there any better place to be,
than in the strong embrace of your favorite man?

And Mr. Brenden.
Showboating his new college tee.
"EU Loves Newbies"
And that smile means this t-shirt also represents his
acceptance to this great school.

I hope your weekend was great too!


Karin said...

Congrats to Brendan! Hilarious that your mom and Macy know nothing about basketball but go to the games. :) Must admit my big twinge of jealousy that you live so close to your mom. Sigh....

Robin said...

Congratulations to Brenden! That's great news.

Shades of Pink is holding a giveaway for one of my custom Photoverse prints - swing by and check it out!

Susan A said...

congratulations Brenden :)

loved the pics :)

Nancy said...

Congrats, Brendan. And what might EU stand for? Please excuse my ignorance. You are going to miss that boy, Lori.

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