Monday, January 24, 2011

a generous fundraiser {gorgeous jewelry}

I've made an executive decision.

Yes, I've given myself that authority.

After all, I'm CEO of Household Management...
and that enables me to pull the trigger
on many things.

So, I decided to post pics publicly of our new boys.
If our agency asks me to remove them,
well fine.
I will.

Most of you have already seen our fellas already
but here you go...

Isaiah Jack.
4 years old.

Elijah Andrew
12 years old.
He's the one on the left.
And this is an older pic of him but I love it so much.

And something else
super big to announce to you,

my dear friend Sharla is doing an amazingly generous
fundraiser for us.


I'll never get over the extreme generosity of the adoption

She designs and creates the most stunningly gorgeous

Please go visit her site!

And to make it even more interesting,
Sharla's aunt spent some precious time in Macy and Elijah's orphanage
ministering to the kids there.
Love that!


Mia said...

I love the pictures...

Susan A said...

Isaiah looks so cute and I loved the picture of Elijah! :)

I clicked on Sharli's picture, but the link wasn't working, thought to let you know this... I will manually type out her url instead and visit it :)

Thank you so much for sharing the cute pictures and I can't wait for them to join your family! :)

Kristi said...

Your long time stalker here, just wanted to say congrates on the newest two boys, can not wait to follow you to China.
Please let Nick know that he is going to have competion on the courts soon, but he will have to check out my blog to see.
I enjoy your blog so much, thanks for sharing.

Suzette said...

They are precious and look like they will add lots of energy to your home! Congratulations!

Jean said...

I love your boys and they are jsut so darn handsome!! Can't wait until they get home!

Other good news is I love jewelry, especially when It is an adoption fundraiser!!

HUGS to you!!

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, friend...look how gorgeous your boys are!!!!! Oh my gracious.....perfect! How wonderful to see a pic of them. I forgot that you had another blog. So glad you posted their sweet faces here.

Can't wait to follow you there!

Holly said...

They are both so precious. You can just tell how special they are! I will head over to the jewelry site. What an awesome friend to help you with your fundraising!!!

Laurie said...

Oh I just love the pics of your boys. Just from these photos, they will fit in quite nicely. The fundraiser is awesome. Love the jewelry! Shopping with a purpose! My fav way to shop these days!

Annie said...

Oh oh oh! They are awesome! I love boys! Obviously I love girls too, but boys are so easy going and usually much less drama. :)

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