Thursday, December 2, 2010

you won't believe who I saw at WM {well, not really}

As you know,
I'm rarely alone.
Which is really fine by me,
but occasionally I do like to venture out
all by my lonesome.

So yesterday I seized a rare opportunity to run to WM by myself.
It is amazing how much I can think
when I don't have several little people thinking for me.

Real thoughts.

"Hmmm, where should I park? Today, I get to decide that."

I told you.
It was luxurious.

I had about four prescriptions to pick up.
Macy was diagnosed this week with Psoriasis (gasp! poor girly!)
and Nick has been dealing with Eczema since he was a newborn.
All that plus my wrinkles,
it's a regular dermatological circus around here.

So as I was waiting for all the meds to be ready,
I went back to electronics to do a little Christmas browsing.

I truly mean no disrespect when I tell you this.

There, working the electronics department was a man
who looked like Jesus.
Well, I mean if Jesus really was a white dude like all our movies
portray him to be.

Long, wavy light-brown hair.
A full beard.
Dark brown, very warm and kind eyes.

I just stared at him.

Then I noticed that he had a Star of David necklace on.
I cracked up.

What are the odds?

I wanted SO BADLY to take a picture of him.
Or maybe even have someone take a pic of the two of us side by side.
It would have made this blog post

But I just couldn't do it.

it wasn't Jesus.
I'm certain it wasn't.

Moving on.

So I went back to get my prescriptions
(and no, in case you were wondering, there wasn't anything prescribed
for my wrinkles. Dang it.)

Guess how much the grand total was to get these kids' skin
back to normal.



Well, Merry Christmas, kiddos.

You guys, I nearly started to cry.

Nick's was the biggest culprit at $277.

I felt horrible, as if I was denying my child a lung or something,
but I told the pharmacy gal that I'd have to wait on
that one.

I got home, still feeling like the worst mom in the world.
I broke the news to Nick that I didn't get the new medicine
the doctor had prescribed because it
cost so much.

I was really unsure of what his reaction would be but he
"Good grief, my skin doesn't mean that much to me."

Don't you just love boys.

I'll call the doctor back to see if there's something cheaper.

But my gracious,
I'm just so very thankful that none of my children need
a life-saving medicine that costs that much...or more.

Oh wait.
Maybe perhaps I should have asked the guy
in electronics to pull some strings for me.

Never mind.

My conclusion to all this is,
maybe I shouldn't venture out alone anymore.
Maybe I really do need those little people
there to help me think.

Or not think.


Sharla said...

Thanks for the early morning smile!! We used to have a guy at our church that any time we needed a 'caucasian' Jesus for a play, he always got asked, then all the kids would walk around for weeks calling him Jesus! Then he cut his hair and he didn't look like Jesus so much any more! Next time ask the guy at WM for a picture, I bet he'd get a laugh out of it! Have a great day!

Shonni said...

You are so cute.

Anonymous said...

wasn't jesus jewish when he was a
baby?...seems to fit the Christmas
season...running into a jewish man
in WM, and jesus as a jewish baby
at his very beginning. Interesting.
mm,vancouver, wa.

Healy Family said...

I had a pharmacist tell me once that fish oil is spectacular for eczema and way cheaper! i just switched to krill oil - got a bottle at costco for $18 that will last for 3 months.

Sammy said...

Cute post even if it wasn't totally meant to be. Our doc bills are adding up around here too. : - (( Oh well you can't take it with you.

Debby said... crack me up.
I LOVE those quick stolen moments of alone time.

Uggg...I know what you mean about the medicines. Lindsi's ear drops USED to cost about $125 for.0005 oz that stuff was like liquid Platinum...&that was with insurance! I used to dread ear infections. Since then, they have a much cheaper generic.

I wanted to stock up on cough medicine the other night. I thought they were going to make me leave my fingerprints in order to buy the Sudafed.....geesh.....

Chris said...

I thought my meds that DH just brougt home were bad..w/ Ins. $100 for one month...hopefully colitis flare ups are short lived.

Jean said...

You are so funny!

Girl- you either should have fallen to your knees or snapped a pic!

I do like shopping with the girls- I stay more focused- get what we need and get out of there! Just me can be dangerous! I begin to browse- yikes!

Yes I do love boys and their easy going attitudes! Try Cortaid!

Shelly said...

You are hilarious! And what a sweet son, to not be worried about it!

Holly said...

I am back home reading blogs! I have missed you! Have you missed me?? Oh, I'm sure you have. :) I am so super excited about all your amazingly awesome news!!!!!!

megadog said...

This cracks me up. I've seen a few folks like that in my travels aw well. It's probably better you didn't talk to him. He might have been rude and then the whole image would have been just thrown out the window!

Dorothy said...

I've been following your blog for a couple of years now, but don't know that I've ever posted a comment....until now that is!

A woman at my church recommended a lotion called Renew that can only be purchased through the Melaluca company for one of my daughters who also has like a charm! I know several others who have gotten excellent results from this lotion as well and the best part??.....doesn't cost anything near $277! You can check it out at I have a small travel size tube that I'd be happy to send you to try....just e-mail me at


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