Friday, December 3, 2010


My goodness.

I have exactly 37 seconds to post something here.

Last night kicked off our basketball season with a tournament!

The Eagles

It was so super great.
But sadly, I forgot my camera,
having missed a plethora of opportunities
for the most amazing action shots
by many of our boys
on the team.


But here's a cute pic from the game (cell phone cam)
of Bren & Lucy.
They dressed alike and I had to show you how cute
they were.
No, it wasn't planned.
None of my kids like each other that much.

And today it's the last day of the school week which means,


Which is a self-appointed day by B & his friends.
If you told these boys they had to wear
ties, they'd kick up a storm of fit.

But since it was their idea...
well, it was a good one.


The tournament resumes late tonight
(far, far away).

I WILL bring my camera this time!

Gotta go!!!


Chad and Kristy said...

Funny, I misread. I was expecting to see tie-dyed shirts... not tie day! Lol:)

The Kings said...

I misread too. I was shocked by the tie, I fully expected tie-dye. :)

Holly said...

Tie day?! That is awesome! Don't let them know us old ladies think it is a great idea...

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