Friday, November 26, 2010

tree-putting-up attitude

We thought that Lucy was on the mend so we went ahead
with our Thanksgiving plans yesterday.

We had no suspicion that this darling little diva
with her MTM flip would be
horribly sick all.night.long (again) last night.
Poor little cupcake!
She had a 104+ fever that we thought would never break.
Thankfully, she finally got some rest and felt
perky and energetic by morning.

How in the world can kids bounce back so fast?
God's mercy on the parents, I reckon.

I'm grateful she's better (short of a hacking cough),
and hope she sleeps well tonight.

Please, oh please.

But back to our Thanksgiving day...

Had a scrumptious meal.

Then played a vicious game of Pictionary.
And by vicious I mean,
the boys' team was relentless (and most like cheated) in their
quest to win.
The girls, on the other hand, had higher standards.
And truth be told, horrible drawing skills.
That would be my fault.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday.
I was so relieved to know that so many of you are as
repulsed by green bean casserole as me.

And if you must know,
I DID go out this afternoon for some shopping.
It was fun.

And perhaps we'll put up our Christmas tree tomorrow.
Or perhaps not.

I love/hate it.

Why can't it all just miraculously appear?
And disappear?

How about you.
What's your tree-putting-up attitude?

Be honest.
Is it truly fun or do you kinda not like the process so much?

Careful, anyone admitting to love it may just win the opportunity
to come decorate my house for me.

Just kidding.



Karin said...

Oh poor Lucy!! And poor you!! UGH!!! {and glad I wasn't at your T-giving shin-dig to be exposed to THAT!}

The has started to become a bit of a chore--although I LOVE having it up. This year I let the kids help and it drove me nuts because they were all grabbing and crashing around--making me think all of our ornaments would be smashed before the night was over. Next year I think I will go back to my usual plan and wait until most of the kids are in bed before I decorate. It's not worth the stress!! :)

JR said...

My plans for the Christmas tree.....have the 2 oldest g-kids over for the weekend to help decorate the tree (Dec 3-5). That's been our annual tradition & it's so much fun!! I love the Christmas season!

Question for you - did B & N ever grow out their whiskers? they look clean-shaven in the game picture. Weren't they on a "no shaving in November" kick? oh well, just wonderin'
Glad that you enjoyed T-g Day. Hopefully Lucy bug slept thru the nite and is good as new!

Love you guys!

Susan A said...

I don't do Christmas tree because of Jeremiah 10:1-5... all your posts always make me smile, I love the way you share things in your own words :)

Tracy said...

Ok, what time should i be there to set up the tree? Because I do love it! I hate the take down part, but love the set up! I love watching the kids get excited about putting all the balls on the tree, and how every ball has a story(to be told every.single.year.)Its very special. My grandmother made most of the ornaments we have on our tree. She lived with us from the time I was 5 until well after I had married. I remember her wrinkled, thin skinned fingers working tediously for weeks and weeks before Christmas to give out the Christmas balls as gifts. They were and are still the most beautiful ornaments I've ever seen.

Tesseraemum said...

REALLY! Can we just snap our fingers and its up?!
The WORST part is the lights! Geesh!
My Best horror story is from before the kids were born (thankfully). I came home from work to find our "live" tree laying on the floor with nasty tree water all over my beige carpet. I had it undecorated and shoved out the back door in 10 minutes flat! My husband is still scarred! Not kidding. He tells the kids about it every year and they think I'm the grinch. Sheri

Jean said...

First we need to discuss the green bean casserole- I went back and tallied the results- it was 12 yes's to 10 no's! You can't count Joy and Rhett twice! But I did add your vote in and I'm sorry but the end result was YES to green bean casserole!!

Now that the excitement is over... I am realizing how pathetic I am- I have time to count your comments and tally them- Oh my, I better get a job!

So sorry Lucy was so sick- poor dear. It amazes me how they can have a fever like that and bounce back again- sometimes that fever comes back so keep an eye on her.

I shopped on line- got a ton done and loved it!

Tree- happy to say it is not my job! Hubby goes with the girls to pick it out. I help put it up and the girls and hubby trim it! I guess in that case- I love it!!

Nancy said...

I'm with you. Wish the tree would miraculously appear. I actually was looking for one of those trees that all you do is use a remote and the tree is lit with ornaments already on it. Pathetic, I know.

Lyn said...

We put up the tree tonight too. Wasn't as excited about it this year as we are leaving for China on Thursday and so the tree isn't high on the priority list. And everyone was snapping at the 4 year old because they thought she wasn't doing a very good job. Glad it's up though.
(Also, add me to the love the green bean casserole list.)

Shanna said...

We also had the creepy-cruds around here for Thanksgiving! Poor Lucy :(
So funny about your vicious game of Pictionary...boys are such cheaters because they refuse to lose. hahaha!
I too love the Christmas tree, but HATE putting it up. SO, this year I told my girls that we weren't having a tree. They drug our tree out of the attic and had it decorated in no time! (no real trees for us!) I have a feeling I won't get help taking it down :(
Oh BTW, i made sure there was no greenbean casserole on our TG table. YUCK!

Faye Verquer said...

I do NOT like putting up all the deocrations, hence the reason right after I read this post, I started digging out the decorations and started getting them put up. We cut down our tree from a Tree Farm so that is something our Children look forward to EVERY year so for that I am excited but all the other "junk"...I cannot stand it! Each year I put less and less out! Putting it all not like that one bit either!

Green Bean casserole...LOVE IT!!!

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