Monday, November 1, 2010

no-shave november

October 31 can mean only one thing (well OK, two).
Time to shave one last time before
November 1.

Which officially launches

No-Shave November.

So the boys both shaved last night around 11 PM...

Every year the "after" gets a little more manly.

I'll be sure to let you know how things are come November 30.

My college visit weekend with Bren was super fun,
but I didn't take many pictures.

I did manage to capture this gem while B was
eating pancakes as we buzzed down
the road.
The campus.Evangel University.
We absolutely love it!

And while we were there,
Macy and the girls were at home with Dad,
being quite creative!

Cute, huh?


Mandi said...

Love the pumpkin. Either your hubby is very talented or he had a template for that carving. Either way, it is too cute.

Does Brenden know what he want to be when he "grows up?" Just curious, I am thinking he would make a great comedian...:)

Kim said...

LOL....i have a no shave in November too....ME!!...LOL..NOT, Hayden is doing that too and I was going to do a post about it...HA HA...great minds, I guess!!!

((HUGS))my friend!

megadog said...

They look like little boys with their freshly shaven faces. Can't wait to see the finished product! Could be scary.

Patty said...

So ummm I read the no shave Nov. and thought hey that's a great idea, I think I'll join you in not shaving my legs all month. And then I found out you were talking about your boys. Ok fine then. I won't join you. LOL

Awesome pumpkin!!!! How did you do that?!!!!

Jean said...

Beautiful campus!

Wow- did Macy carve the pumpkin? She's good!! I'm guessing it wasn't Lucy ;-)

Went to Awana tonight- the girls had fun but they were a little nervous.

Karin said...

That is an amazing pumpkin! Wow. No shave Nov., huh? Lucky you. :) Do you get to stop shaving too? I suppose you prefer not be more manly... :)

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