Monday, November 1, 2010

dumpling party

Thank you all so very much for your kind words
and prayers regarding my great-niece.

The funeral is Wednesday and we'd sure appreciate you to
continue to lift our family up.


On a much lighter note,
some sweet college students from the Chinese
church invited the girls and me over to make dumplings
last night.

It was SO MUCH fun.

This is Elizabeth who is from Henan, just like Macy!
She was the dumpling expert.

Macy was really good at wrapping them up

Lucy was really good at eating.
Here she was enjoying seaweed.
The girl at her weight in the stuff.
Who knew?

She loved being included with the big girls on
this special night!

Funniness was abundant!

Such a darling group of girls, don't you think?
Elizabeth, Joyce, Joyce, Lucy, Macy


Karin said...

Yes...TOTALLY darling! I'm loving all the Hello Kitty stuff. :) Jiao zi is my favorite food...yum. My breath afterwards? Not so much. :) And I'm way too lazy to make them myself--although with a bunch of helpers it would be a lot more fun.

Praying for your family--you were on my heart all day yesterday. Words sometimes fail me as I pray, but I know that Jesus is interceding with words I cannot.

Shonni said...

What a precious time for all those girls!!!
And I will be praying for your family. I am so sorry.

Debby said...

Looks are blessed to have these girls around for your own girls.

Our prayers will continue to lend comfort through this week.

Kathy said...

How precious! Looks like they
all had a wonderful time.

Continued prayers for all of you.

Jean said...

I will definitely keep you all in my prayers. So sad for the parents and everyone else that loved that special little girl.

What a wonderful time Macy and Lucy must have had! The pics are precious!! The food looks delicious!

JR said...

Such a precious time!! Great photos!

Will be praying for all of you.

♥ from Durango

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know if anything makes my heart smile more than seeing Macy surrounded by all those Chinese friends having fun, and with her arm around her little sister. What a BLESSING!! Isn't that just like our wonderful GOD??!! He is so very very good. : ) Still praying for your family. I have been thinking about them. God's grace will be sufficient for them too.

jiaoie said...

such a precious time we had together!!! ^_^

please please come back again! ^_^

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