Tuesday, November 30, 2010

no-shave november {so-long?}

Slow long No-Shave November,
So long.

*Dramatic pause*

The burly boy just told me he has no
plans to shave.

What's next? Dreadlocks?


Someone help me.

Oh and just so you know,
Nick caved on the shaving thing about 8 days
into it.
(JR, your observation was correct with him)
He has a girlfriend, after all.
Blah. Whatever.


Suzette said...

I feel your pain! My guys are getting more and more scruffy as the days go by and have no intention of shaving either. Gotta love them, hairy or not!

Angie said...

Have your guys heard of "Decembeard" and "Januhairy?" I can tease because my boys can't grow 'em yet!

JR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JR said...

Well, apparently, I'm alittle behind in my blog-reading!! Cuz I just read this post.....so anyhoo....I see that Nick caved and Brendan remained strong! Hairy or hairless - your guys are awesome!!

♥ you guys!!

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