Friday, October 22, 2010

would you consider....

I just wanted to pass this info on that I received from our agency:

A 13-year-old boy urgently needs to be adopted before he ages out in January. We are counting on your help to spread the word about the need for homestudy-ready family to adopt this terrific boy ASAP. Please feel free to repost this information!

He is a computer whiz, has a good sense of humor, a repaired cleft lip and a blood disorder, but he has been tested for HIV and is negative. Emergency exceptions can be granted for families interested him, and families can adopt him with another child.

This boy is in Asia and this adoption requires travel. We had a devoted family for him, but due to circumstances beyond their control they could not complete this adoption. We need a homestudy-ready family that has started their immigration work in order to complete this adoption on time.

Ask about Child ID#: LZ-0197-16675-01

When we met with this 13-year-old boy he spoke in a soft voice but clearly stated that his main interest is computers! His favorite subject in school is computers and his favorite out-of-school activity is working on computers. He has a repaired cleft lip and palate but his speech is understandable, though as he counted in English a slight lisp was noticeable. Although he is a bit shy, he did ask if everyone in the room was supposed to be speaking in English! Watching him later in our meetings, it was clear that he has an engaging personality and a good sense of humor, likes to entertain others and is a leader among the other children. He showed a competitive, but very appropriate, spirit in the group games. By breakfast of the second day, he had lost any shyness, not hesitating to approach our staff and asking with a smile the English word for an item he held up—a hardboiled egg. This nice boy is need of a family! He has a blood disorder, but he has been tested for HIV and is negative.

Requirement waivers: Waivers can be requested if you do not meet some of the requirements for adopting from China. If you are married, we can ask for exceptions to the adoption requirements (i.e., if you are over the age limit of 54, somewhat over the BMI limit of 40, somewhat under the income/net worth, or have medical conditions, etc.).

Financial Aid: A family of any income is eligible for grants/waivers ranging up to $9,550 in aid for this particular child. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant and the $250 WACAP application fee is waived. Please also ask about up to $4,000 in reductions possible on a case-by-case basis and a new private donation for this adoption of $1,000. There is no fee to ask for this child's information file. Please also ask your tax consultant about $13,000-plus Adoption Tax Credit.

Please contact WACAP’s Family Finders department for more information on this child, or any of the many children waiting for families right now. or . Please reference Child ID#: LZ-0197-16675-01.

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