Monday, October 11, 2010

just a normal sunday evening

Lest anyone think that we are lacking in fun around our house,
or that anyone gets away easily with taking a hearty nap....

well, I think the pictures speak for themselves.


And for some serious sweetness...

Lucy-bug's new-found piano talent is budding in a big way.

She is so stinkin' cute when she plays.
She is even going to be in the recital in December.

And Macy continues to flourish with her piano as well.

Talent abounds in our home.

We are SO proud!!

I'm working on the details of our Esther study.
Stay tuned!


Karin said... guys have so much fun at your house! And is awesome that she is doing so well. :)

Holly said...

And the funniest part is that your boy looks completely unaffected by it, like those kinds of things happen every day. ;)

Jean said...

That is so wonderful that Lucy is doing well on the piano!! What a smart little girl!!

I love Kelly's rainbow hair! I can see Brenden was amused, too!! (smile)

Patty said...


megadog said...

Quite funny! Lucy looks just perfect at that piano. That hair of hers is just stunning!

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness. Y'all are too funny! To be a fly on your wall to see what's not documented on film! We stay tuned regularly.

Madeleine said...

ROFL!! Look at the look on your son's face!! Totally calm!

Hmmm. life at your house HAS TO be interesting. I mean, who has those wonderful accessories at hand at the spur of the moment??!!??


And wOw! I was thinking of starting Elly in piano next year and thought it was too early...but Look at that Miss Lucy!!

Adeye said...

Hahahahahahaha......toooooo wonderful, friend.

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