Friday, October 29, 2010


If a grin could be heard, you'd definitely hear mine right about now.

I had the most fabulous day with Brenden doin' the college-tour thing.

Love, love, love this school. Love it.

He's there for the evening,

participating in various student activities and spending the night

in a dorm.


Thanks for asking.

I am in a hotel room ALL by myself

(that's where my loud grin comes in).

I can't decide what I like best about this scenario...

the remote all to myself?

a king-size bed all for little ol' me?

my unlimited computer time?

the magazine I plan to read later, uninterrupted?

the fact that I ate dinner in bed?

Oh, it's ALL of those things.

But truly, I miss my family terribly. Terribly!

I will try to endure this with bravery though.

Oh, oh.

But I must tell you about the texting conversation I had with Nick (back home) this morning.

I was checking in with him because he was supposed to pick Macy up from

her second day of math class.

Me: "Did you get Macy from school OK? DON'T answer if you are driving."

Nick: "Ya, I guess.

And I'm totally driving with my feet and texting at the same time, Mom."

Me: "You give me gray hair, kid!!"

Nick: "No, I'm pretty sure that's because you're old."

Me: "Christmas is just around the corner, smarty pants!"

Nick: "I'm sorry, Mommy! I love you!"

Me: "Too late."


Anyway, I gotta go. I've got so much to do.




Nancy said...

Don't you just love "alone time?" Enjoy!!!!

Karin said...

I am cracking up over the texting conversation with Nick. :) You are so funny--and so are your kids! ENJOY your alone time...oh my word, I would love to be you tonight. hee!

JR said...

Totally.enjoy.your.alone.time!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

♥ to you from Durango!!

Debby said...

Every year I fly out for our company meetings & party. I LOVE this

Everyone wants to see the kids...sorry..they are at home.....

It's just me.....

Juat about the Best 4 days of the year!!

Enjoy your time!!

Holly said...

YES!!!!! And I love the texting conversation too. : )

Kathy said...


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